My Apologies

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vest, Pants, Shoes: Zara / Bag: Celine / Earrings: Diva

Here I go again, sporting my oversized biker vest from Zara. I guess I'm just taking advantage of the chilly breeze where I work before the summer heat finally arrivesMy apologies for the lack of updates here on the blog. As per usual, I'm held up by work. I'm not complaining though. A lot of exciting projects are pouring in and finally, I'll be able to relax beside the sea this coming weekend! Yes!

*photos by Nicole Macanip


  1. amazing look! love your vest and bag!

  2. I love all the accessories attached in your ears! :)

    xx Diana

  3. Great look! I especially love your earrings!

  4. gorgeous!!! i don't care if you wear that vest over and over again.. you style it differently each time!! :D looking fab as ever!

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  5. Such a beautiful post!



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