Fete de la Musique

Monday, July 2, 2012

(Dress: Vanilla Label// Boots: Topshop// Bag: via IT Designer Lab// Eagle Necklace: F21// Bird Skull Necklacs & Cube Ring: Gold Dot)

About a week ago, I attended Fete de la Musique, an annual music festival celebrated all around the world (and is currently participated by 32 countries). In the Philippines, Fete de la Musique is held in the streets and the public is able to access a variety of music genres for free. There is one station dedicated to a particular music genre and once gets a free reign to choose and celebrate the music that he fancies. For my first-ever Fete attendance, my friends and I chose to chill at the Electronica station held at Time bar. I knew that I would be dancing my feet away so I went with a very casual and comfortable look. The zebra-print dress I'm wearing here is actually a robe and I've already worn it in a variety of ways to different occasions (as seen here, here, here, here and here). This robe is definitely one hell of a good buy. I believe I've already milked it for all its worth and I'll still enjoy wearing it for as long as it continues to serve its purpose.

Wish we have more music festivals here in the Philippines. Life would be depressingly sad without block rockin' beats.


  1. I wish Fete was held twice a year! LOL. It was a lot of fun. My first time. Memorable indeed! :)

  2. Aww, I didn't get to go to Fete this year but I wanted to experience it :( Anyway, I love the printed dress! This is perfect for a music festival :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

    1. That's too bad! Be sure to go next year! :)

  3. Always so well put-together Kookie! :)

  4. Bongga and edgy pa rin as always! :)


  5. YOUR HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, the shorter cut is so lovely on you:) Also I am totally diggin your outfit, the dress is cool.

  6. Your new 'do really looks so fierce!! You're rockin it Kookie!

  7. kookie!!! I so love your hair!! You look so bongga and sexy <3
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  8. you look super cool in a really nice way!
    bongga! :)

  9. That sounds like such a cool music festival! Loving your short hair and I think the robe was a perfect choice for the festival. Hope you have a good week! xx

  10. gandara! so nice to see you sa Fete!!!:) say hi to Ado!:)

  11. That robe will never get old! Still love your hair!



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