Saturday, July 7, 2012

Because I love food dearly, I've decided to do food posts again (my last food post was more than a year ago!). While some of you may find this quite uninteresting, food is a passion of mine and as with any of my passions, I wish to share them with you. Let's start off my first food post for the year with a few chows from Cue, a 'modern barbecue' restaurant situated in Bonifacio High Street Central. I found out about Cue through my officemate, Nix. Nix eagerly and excitingly described to me this steak and bone marrow taco dish that she was able to try at Cue about a week ago. I instantly formed this delicious visual of melt-in-your-mouth bone marrow married with tender steak chunks sitting inside a soft taco. The concoction was pretty novel but really tempting. I knew I had try it. And my birthday was the perfect occasion to do so. Here's what le boy and I ended up ordering:

Steak & Bone Marrow Tacos

'The Cue' Caesar Salad Bowl
House-Made Pulled Pork Sandwich
Skillet of Home Style Mac N' Cheese

The taste of the steak & bone marrow taco was just how I envisioned it to be. The steak is really tender and the bone marrow is just too sinful to eat on its own (you might just get a heart attack! haha!). I didn't bother trying the pesto-looking sauce as I'm not a fan of unfamiliar condiments. I added a bit of barbecue sauce on the steak though for some flavor. The Caesar salad was good as well. What makes Cue's Caesar salad different from other Caesar salads is its dressing, comprised of three mustards and bagoong. The mustard was the most prominent flavor which came out and to be honest, you can hardly taste the bagoong (I wish the bagoong taste was stronger). Nothing spectacular about the mac n' cheese though. I prefer my mac n' cheese to be really cheesy and the addition of tomato sauce in the dish just killed it for me. Nothing beats 2nd's truffled three cheese mac.

The verdict? If you're a meat and comfort food lover, Cue is definitely a must-try. Cue's pricing is a bit on the high side but I really recommend their steak & bone marrow tacos. I might go back another time to try out Cue's other offerings. Let's see how that goes. Till the next food post!


  1. Don't worry! I'm also interested in food! :)


  2. I love food posts! :) Please post some more. The steak and bone marrow really look sinful.

  3. Food coma!!! ♥ Hope I could get to try these soon!!

    Arnie Villanueva

  4. Love food posts! Always on the lookout for new restaurants to try!


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