Sunday, January 29, 2012

(Fuzzy Jacket: Twinky // Top: Daley Tees // Jeans: Topshop // Boots: CS x OC // Hat: F21 // Bag: via IT Designer Lab // Eyewear: SM Accessories)

Wore this fuzzy jacket on a day when the Manila weather wasn't too belligerently stifling...and I must say, that day was a damn pretty good day. Kept everything else simple and unpremeditated. Seriously, you cannot go wrong with a pair of good-fitting jeans and a white loose tank top. Currently, I'm finding myself drawn again to skinny jeans and vintage-style sunglasses. I used to collect vintage eyewear with beautiful gold frames. Unfortunately, I can't find them anymore. Mother dearest must have accidentally given them away. Oh I hope not. :?


  1. angas kookie!!:) you are always so fab!!:):)
    Rovie, http://thebargaindoll.blogspot.com

  2. The outfit looks fresh and crisp at the same time with a twist of rock and roll. I love it, Kookie! :)


    Kaye Gonzales

  3. I love this look Kookie! <3 Haii nako I wanna hug your fuzzy jacket and you :>


  4. Love the sunnies!


  5. Love your jacket Kookie! Btw, it was so nice to see you a few weeks ago! You are so nice and uber pretty in person! :)


  6. So cool! I love your jacket! My mom has vintage sunnies too but she won't let me have them! :( Hahaha!

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  7. love your bucket bag and jacket, kookie!

  8. AMAZING Ms. Kookie!! j'adore!! really like how all things went together!! tres chic as always!!

    czarina :)
    blogspot blog
    tumblr blog

  9. Your eyewear's from SM Accessories?? I'm definitely going there asap! :) You look stunning as always! :)


  10. I wanna have a fuzzy jacket like that, so fashionable and fierce! :)


  11. You look fab !


  12. You look so fantastic! LOVE THE SHADES and the hat:)

  13. Gorgeous bag and I really love the simple white vest in this outfit!

    Carmen Ri.

  14. i love your shoes and hat pretty ♥


  15. omg!! i love ur bag & amazing outfit too x
    check out my blog too

  16. I love your bag! Very good replica of philip lims satchel :) Im a fan of your blog!

  17. Bucket baaaag!! Reminds me of Alexander Wang! Love your jacket! Look is simple pero as usual my oomph! Thanks for the birthday greeting by the way! :D


  18. <3 your bucket bag! and yes, you can't go wrong with the perfect jeans. it can be worn almost everyday! XD

  19. You have to tell me where you got that bag!

  20. fabulous as always. love the hat!! and you look so good in those jeans...

  21. hey Kookie! it's been awhile girl! you're looking awesome as usual, i love your hair! And you can def. never go wrong with jeans and a simple white tee with killer glasses :)

    Beneath the Glass

  22. Fabulous blog! :D


  23. I think you look ridiculous wearing these types of clothes in the Philippines. I mean, really? First of all it's hot and humid there, why the hell would you wear a warm sweater? Even if it wasn't as hot that day, just wearing cold weather clothing in a tropical country make you looks like you are trying way to hard. You're not in America, I don't care ow much money you have in the Philippines to buy yourself some designer clothing, you're still in the Philippines. There are seriously starving people on the street where you are taking your photos, why don't you have some shame and think about your surroundings before buying frivolous, unnecessary clothing?

  24. @ ANON: Who are you to say what can and can't be worn under the Philippine's "hot and humid" weather? I don't give a shit if I look stupid wearing a slightly thick article of clothing. I'll wear whatever I want to wear. And who are you to dictate what I can and can't do about my money. If I want to spend my money on "frivolous, unnecessary clothing", that is my choice. You don't know anything about me. You don't know how I handle my money. Not everything goes to "unnecessary" things. I share my earnings to my family and to the less fortunate. My oh my, you're one hell of a preacher. I hope you practice what you preach.

  25. @ANONYMOUS-- You seem like a good person, you show concern for the poor people in the Philippines. But part of being a good person is not judging other people for the clothes they wear or what they choose to do with their money. YOU DON'T KNOW WHO YOU'RE PREACHING TO. Just because she buys designer clothes, doesn't mean she doesn't give a crap to the less fortunate.

    Who the f*ck cares if she wants to wear a warm sweater?? SERIOUSLY?? If you care so much about starving people, WHY DON'T YOU GO AHEAD AND HELP THEM INSTEAD OF LEAVING STUPID COMMENTS ON OTHER PEOPLE'S BLOGS??? Instead of stressing yourself out because of the weather and what some people choose to wear, why don't you grow some balls and leave your name so we know who you are?

    Or are you scared that people might judge you too? If you have nothing nice to say, F*CK OFF! YOU are the one who needs to think about what you can do for humanity. Wag kang echosera 'te!

  26. I think that if you have nothing nice to say, it's totally a waste of time to drop some negative wastage on a perfectly awesome post and blogger and that. ANONYMOUS, i really wish you took the time to even try to KNOW kookie in the least bit before dropping judgment that is totally uncalled for. she doesn't need to explain anything to anyone especially to someone who has no inkling at all of the kind of person that she is or how she runs her affairs. so long as we work hard for the little things we get to enjoy and we're not stepping on anyone, then we can buy the f*ck whatever we want and wear whatever we want as well.

    For the record, it can get incredibly chilly at times around here. And just because we are "from the tropics", we don't have to be stereotypically portrayed as being always in wifebeaters and shorts. jussaying.

  27. The hat! Love it! Been meaning to find one that's juust right. :) Necklace. <3

    Your blog is truly awesome!

    Giveaway at my blog: http://whatislifewithoutwhimsy.blogspot.com/2012/02/random-giveaway.html


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