A Teaser

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here's a little teaser for the photo shoot I did with a budding photographer friend, Anton. Anton and I had been planning a themed shoot for months and it was a damn good thing that my schedule finally cleared up last Saturday or else it would have taken forever for us to have this executed. For the shoot, we decided to go with a goth-nymph kind of theme, complimented by an all-black ensemble and a woodsy backdrop. Props to Camille Regala, a new-found friend and makeup & hair extraordinaire, for being such a trooper and agreeing to do my hair and makeup on such short notice. She did such a fantastic job with my smoky eye "melt-you-with-my-stare" makeup and was able to give me the brushed-up, faux mohawk hair that I wanted, even without a peg in hand. I'll definitely book her again for another not-so-impromptu impromptu shoot or a special event that needs some doll-ing up.

I'll share the photos from our shoot in the next post! Hope you are as excited as I am to see them. :)

P.S. Thank you to all of those who always take the time out to visit this little blog of mine. All of your comments and kind words are greatly appreciated. :)


  1. I'm excited! i know the end-photos will be great, i am looking forward to your outfit and make-up. ;)


  2. Excited! especially about the smokey eye. Melt me. hahahaha..

  3. OMG! soo excited cant wait
    for it.. you inspire for me
    to do that with some friends ♥


  4. Exciting! can't wait to see the final photos :)


  5. Excited to see your "melt-you-with-my-stare" look! XD

    Almira :)

  6. Oooh, the theme is really interesting. I'm excited to see the photos! :D


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