One Last Request

Monday, November 21, 2011

(Shirt: Giordano Ball Tee // Jacket: Coexist // Leather Pants: Zara // Pumps: F21)

This is the 2nd and final look that I came up with for the Giordano Fashion Showdown (posted my 1st look HERE). For this look, I decided to go with a pair of red pumps to soften the toughness of the leather jacket and pants.

Once again, if it's not too much to ask, I hope you guys can support me in the Giordano Fashion Showdown by voting for my entries. 

LOOK # 1:
 LOOK #2:
To vote, just leave a positive comment (or two) on any of my two looks HERE and HERE. Everyone can leave a comment (yes, that includes you my dear international readers!). All you have to do is:

1. "Like" Giordano Philippines in Facebook
2. Leave as many comments as you like on my two looks (HERE and HERE)

Voting ends tomorrow, November 22! You still have today and the whole day tomorrow to vote! Remember, one comment = one vote and the look with the most number of comments wins! I hope you guys can help me out on this. To all of those who have already voted, THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!!! I really appreciate it! :)


  1. Def supporting you on these two looks. It's a shame I only learned about this today... ano bang klaseng fan ako, gahash...

    will blog for added support, too!!!! hope it's ok..

  2. Did everything dear!! you look amazing!!

    if you have a minute, please vote for me here!!

  3. @ Herroyalbleakness: I saw your comment on my two looks, dear! thank you so much!!! and i'm so touched by your comment here. go ahead and spread the word! :)

  4. kookie! i love the second look. I envy you for being able to wear leather that good :) you're such an inspiration:)

  5. @Stella: Awww, thanks for voting!!! Will do vote for you! :)

  6. Voted! really love all your looks :)


  7. love this talaga! i need to buy me some leather pants, but whenever i have a pair on my hads, i cheap out :P must invest!

    5 giveaways on my blog!
    penshoppe, gold dot, asian vogue, celeteque and a sarah tirona Maxi Skirt!


  9. Love your style!
    I's amazing!!

    Blog of Vintage and Fairy Tale

  10. That jacket is gorg.

  11. babe, you dropped out of the chat before you told me your favor :( itech ba? sige, i'll go in there and follow the instrux!:)

    great looks, both!


  12. Love all the leather! And the red pumps!:) So cool and really look good on you! Just droppin by..hope you could visit mine sometime! New to fashion blogging:)

    Momma Y

  13. that's a fantastic tee! i liked both looks! it doesn't look so versatile until you styled it. you always find quirky clothes and style em well!


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