Winter Is Coming...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

(Mauve Top: Summersault // Fur Vest: WAGW // Skirt: F21 // Shoes: Primadonna // Necklace & Cuffs: Ruckus)

I wish we had winter season here in the Philippines so that I can play around with various degrees of layers and wear the thickest of faux fur coats. Unfortunately, I would have to settle for December's mild cold breeze and learn to live with pairing fur-trimmed vests with short but decent bottoms. This furry ensemble I came up with actually elicited some reactions from people. They must've thought I've lost my mind by wearing a fur piece in a tropical country. Well all I can say is... I.JUST.DON'T.GIVE.A.DAMN. In other news, I've recently developed a fondness for platform pumps. As I much as I hate to admit it, pumps bring out the girly, saccharine side of me and it's nice to act like a "real lady" from time to time (whatever that means!). I'm completely loving this snakeskin print pumps that the Primadonna folks sent over. The height is just right and the heels are chunky...just the way I like it! 

Speaking of Primadonna, the brand will be launching their newest celebrity endorser (clue: she is a GODDESS!) in a grand event tomorrow. For more updates on Primadonna, check out their FB Page and Twitter account.



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  2. Loving the texture of that vest! :) Polish look, I love it !

  3. one of the few who can sport fur in our country very well :)

  4. Wishing the same too, lovin all the fashion and layring winter brings! :)


  5. Hi Kookie! I just love how you put things together. Loving all your looks. :)

  6. @ Lisa / Gillian: Thanks, girls!

    @ Rovie: Aww, thanks dear!

    @ Ching: Thanks, dear!

    @ Styleflux: Yes! If we had winter here, I'd stock up on all types of knit sweaters/jumpers!

    @ Julia V.: Thank you so much, dear! Really appreciate it!

  7. Wow , you look fabulous in that fur outfit ,full of modern fashion sense. Your figure makes me envy .hahaha ...Love your bright smile ,it light the whole pictures !

  8. i'm also wishing that we have winter here. i love layers also.
    anyway, this is quite different from your "usual" look.
    but you still look great on girly outfit.

  9. Cute vest!! Happy friday! XO Rebecca

  10. LOL at the I Don't give a damn! Right on girl. Their opinions don't matter. This outfit is so chic it deserves to be seen!

  11. The fur vest is so lovely. It matched perfectly with your skirt. We like your outfit. Beautiful!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  12. really, really love your vest!

  13. pretty ever. i love winter too. you really are a fashion icon. love love your furrrrryyy coat.

  14. I'm with you in wishing for winter...pati nga December breeze wala na these days. love the fur though!

  15. i loove the fur vest! and the shoes are so lovely :)


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