Giordano Fashion Showdown: Look 1

Monday, November 14, 2011

(Ball Tee: Giordano // Leather Jacket: Mango // Skirt: Incez Axe // Boots: Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony)

About a month ago, I and three other bloggers were invited by Giordano Philippines to take part in the Giordano Fashion Showdown contest. We were challenged to style a Giordano Ball Tee of our choice and to come up with two looks incorporating the Ball Tee. The outfit above is one of the two looks I came up with. I chose a Ball Tee that had some pop of color to it and paired it with tough leather pieces for a rebel, "off-to-Coachella" look. 

If it's not too much to ask, I hope you guys can help vote for me in the Giordano Fashion Showdown by leaving a positive comment (or two) on any of my two looks HERE and HERE. Everyone can leave a comment (yes, that includes you my dear international readers!). All you have to do is:

1. "Like" Giordano Philippines in Facebook
2. Leave as many comments as you like on my two looks (HERE and HERE)

Voting ends on November 22. Remember, one comment = one vote and the look with the most number of comments wins a cash prize! So I hope you guys can help me out on this. I will GREATLY appreciate it! :)

P.S. Check out what looks my blogger friends (Pax, Ava & Gela) came up with as well! It's quite funny and amazing how Pax, Ava and I all chose the same Ball Tee by coincidence. Haha!


  1. gorgeous! I love the pleated skirt!

  2. Love the whole outfit especially the skirt. :)


  3. @ Abi/Gemnikka: Thank you so much, girls!!!

  4. I really like whole outfit especially the tee. I would like to invite you to my blog, check it out and if you like it we might follow each other!


  5. Love all of your looks! great styling! :)


  6. Really love this pleat skirt, is it leather? will try to go vote for you, hope you will win:D

  7. Super love this outfit <3 esp the jacket and skirt!!

  8. winner! :) will definitely comment for you and others! :p

    On completely other note :p
    Nice meeting you too at the multiply event kookie! :) Sayang I wasn't able to stay until late night. :(

  9. really like this blog!
    it's my favorite!;) xx

  10. Good luck, kookie!
    you have my vote. =)

  11. @ Miryo: Thank you, dear!

    @ Kaye: Thank you so much, Kaye!

    @ Hallie: It's just faux leather. Thank you, thank you so much for voting for me! I'm really touched, Hallie!

    @ Ana: Aww, glad you liked it Ana!

    @ Jenine: Thank you so much for the vote, love!

    @ Ludmilla: Oh gosh, thank you so so much for supporting the blog!

    @ Melai: Thanks, Melai! Thank you, thank you for the vote!

  12. great look. Where did you buy your hat dear?

  13. nice outfit! i love the skirt and the shoes! love love! thank you for your comment on my blogpost! :)

    hope you can follow me back eventhough it's kinda impossible. hihi.

    Check out my blog again:


  14. Stunning combo!

  15. Your skirt: Divine with a capital D.
    The top you have on: juicy.

    Both work extremely well.

  16. That's a great top. Love the colors.


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