Soak Swimwear and Coexist Private Sale

Monday, March 14, 2011

While I'm nursing this bugger of a flu, here are some photos (as promised) during my visit to the Soak Swimwear + Coexist Private Sale last weekend.

I was greeted by maillots and bikinis in hot metallic and animal prints in the Soak Swimwear area. Here's a bit of trivia: I've been a Soak loyalist for more than 2 years now. Soak bikinis always look, they've got the best fit!

Coexist has got some of the best jackets and dresses that are truly flattering for the female bod.

So here are the items that I ended up getting:

U-Bandeau Bikini in a pink leopard print...

Star Triangle Bikini -- in leopard print again! ...

and a zipper jacket from Coexist. Looove this!

Meet Soak Swimwear owners, KD Syiaco and Angela See...

and Coexist owners, Camille & Charlotte Co (yes, they're sisters.)

Now I'm fully prepped up for the summer season. If you still don't have your bikini groove on yet, I suggest that you visit Soak HERE for their yummy selection of cool swimwear.

Meanwhile, I hope the flu goes away soon so that I can go back to regular blogging.


  1. I love the swimsuits! They look hot! OMG, I can't wait to get my hands on those. And camille Co is so pretty! :) Who is older? Camille or Charlotte?

  2. aaaw, kung mahilig lang ako magswimming at confident magswimsuit mageenjoy ako sa soak sale! hehehe :)

  3. WOW!!! Great post, miss Kookie!!! All these bikinis and swimwear make me so jealous of summer! They are very beautiful! I think that my favorite is this one-piece snake skin print maillot in the third pic! It's so so gorgeous! And the Coexist clothes are so so cool, aren't they? The pieces you bought are awesome and especially this amazing jacket!! It's so so beautiful with the leather fringes and the yellow-ish mustard color! It's the one that Charlotte Co is wearing, right? It's very beautiful! And these two ladies are sisters? I could have never told! They don't look at all, although they are both really gorgeous! :D
    Pretty post!!! :D

  4. @ Channie: Ooh, I don't know who's older.
    @ Demy: I think you'd look hot in the snake-skin print maillot. Yes, the Co girls are sisters. Maybe they don't look it because of the height difference...but if you look closer at their faces, you'll see the resemblance. :)

  5. If only i had a bikini body like yours, kookie!:) Not skin and bones :( Lovely swim wears and camille looks chic!

  6. amazing jacket from Coexist! and I'm loving the bikinis so much!!!

  7. Fabulous! I can't wait for swimsuit season :D

    A Fictional Blog

  8. Camille & Charlotte look so different from each other! hehe, cute!

    hmmmm i want to try wearing a maillot for a change.

    boat ride through the sky

  9. Such amazing post,thanks 4 sharing it,I'm a new follower!Follow me bacl,if u like,on!

  10. hi i just found your blog.u look granny for your so-called age.must be sad for u.

  11. @ ANON: Hi dearie, I don't mind looking old for my age. I'm not sad at all. I could get cosmetic surgery...but I'm not a fan. And c'mon, how many times do you have to leave the same comment over and over again? I think you're the same person leaving these age-related comments...or maybe, you're just one group of friends who like to waste your time minding how old I look. MUST BE SAD FOR YOU. BOO-HOO.

  12. so u mean a lot of people have told u the same thing?i meant it when i said i just found your blog.i dint mean to offend u though.i just think it's sad u know,such a waste.but who cares i think your style is cool.duh i even revisited your blog lol

  13. @ ANON: If you didn't mean to offend me, then maybe you could have revisited the words you chose to describe "how old" i look. I think any person would react negatively to a description such as "granny". I know I look old but I also know that I can't possibly look like a 50 year old right (granny = 50 y.o. ++) ? That's just too much of an exaggeration. And why is it such a waste to look old?


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