Thursday, March 10, 2011

(Pants: Mango // Cropped Top: 11th of October // Boots: Jeffrey Campbell // Feather Earring: courtesy of Maris // Foxtail Keychain: Summersault)

Spent the whole afternoon last Saturday with my good friend, Nicole (owner of Soule Phenomenon shoes). We had a mini photoshoot (for the blog) and a cup of good 'ol gelato in the Fort Bonifacio area. Afterwards, we went to the Soak Swimwear and Coexist private sale (will share photos on this in my next post). 

Come evening, the boy and I had dinner at this relatively new restaurant called 2nd's. Oh man, the food there is just delish. For the main dish, I got the Summer Grilled Porkchop while the boy chose the Lamb Shepherd's Pie. Loved it! For appetizers though, we ordered the famous Truffled Three Cheese Mac. It was comprised of three cheeses: Emmenthal, Sharp Cheddar and Blue Cheese. It was my first time eating anything with truffles and the experience was just.. pure gastronomic awesomeness! Just look at the photos below. 

The boy and I + friends are going back to 2nd's this weekend. Can't wait to sink my teeth again onto that yummy mac n' cheese!

P.S. Loads of thanks to all new followers of this blog! 625 followers! Wheeeee! Keep on readin', loves!


  1. I love the sheer top and pants dear! You look so hot. I wish I could wear sheer tops too!:)


  2. i love this outfit Kookie! So cool! And oh the mac and cheese look soo yum! I feel hungry now as in haha

  3. great trousers! and i LOVE ur feather earring! xoxo gorgeous xoxo

  4. Kookie! I missed you and your blog! Bongga ka parin girl kahit anong mangyari! :) Love your collection of sheer items and feather accessories! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. gorgeous kookie in a beautiful pair of trousers.

  6. pretty pretty pretty! love the top!

  7. Ahhh!!! I saw these pics earlier in Chictopia and I literally gasped! I'm still 'wow'd!! And I can say more details here :D :D The pants are really really gorgeous, they are actually THE pants! I adore their color, their fit, the bow in the front! They are really perfect! And they look even more wow with this amazing cropped sheer top! You look sexy and romantic and fierce and gorgeous! You're so so pretty! The rest are all pure awesomeness as well! Every little detail makes this outfit even more pretty: these incedibly stunning Litas, the fox tale, the pretty bag, the Michael Jackson-ish hat, your gorgeous feather earring and your bracelet! I realy love this outfit!!!

    And do you know the feeling when you see a pic and your stomach wants to eat? Ahhh, that's how I feel right now! :D :D Food porn! :P haha! :D

    I can't wait to see more pics from your day! ;)

  8. such a cool outfit to hang out with the girlfriend AND boyfriend :D the pants are stylish yet practical enough when you want to pig out on yummy food! i'm not a big fan of mac & cheese but the gourmet version might convert me into a fan :p
    3 cheeses mmmmmm...


  9. @ Kristy: It's really good! I thought I was gonna gag when I read the food description and I saw that there was blue cheese, but I didn't taste it at all.

    @ Demy: You always throw in the best words. I really appreciate the effort you put to leaving long, thoughtful comments here in my blog. Thank you so much, Demy!

  10. you look so gorgeous in your sheer top and the whole outfit, kookie!

  11. you have the best trousers, kookie! and your JCs are love! all these food pics are making me hungreee ;)

    Perfumed Red Shoes

  12. love this look koox!!!:) amazing idea of changing the shoelaces! I think it gives more variety to our shoes! heheh:) will try this nga.

  13. I love the pants, they are so amazing! great outfit.

  14. The food looks so yummy. Cute shirt. I bet it was perfect for the super hot weather in the Philippines. I haven't visited in so long. Miss it.


  15. love ur pants!!!! and great boots!

    xoxo jenna

  16. Lovely style, the alce top is gorgeous.

  17. Love your outfit post, well as always! (i'm following you by the way! :)) and wow, i feel like i wanna try the resto out too- like now!!! haha, i love 3 cheeses! :)

  18. Love the whole outfit! The foxtail is just too cute!


  19. props for chnging the lace into white. mwah miss u
    so hot ah

  20. You look HOT in that sheer top. :) I wonder why you kept saying in your past posts that you're aging already when you look THAT hot and young and freaking pretty.


  21. I totally love what you're wearing!


  22. hello, what a nice blog you have here ! i love it !

    please visit


  23. Where is this yummy restaurant? (:

  24. Gorgeous. Love your style.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot.
    Karoline Kalvo

  25. @ Karoline: Thank you, dear!

    @ Nicole: It's in High Street. It used to be Mag:net. :)

  26. I'm in love with this look. I looove the sheer top too! :)


  27. I love that the black top is semi-sheer. And that food looks amazing!!!

    Really like your blog; definitely following with Google Friend Connect.

    By the way, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog if you wanna check it out :)


  28. always so hip and lovely, kookie! :)

    www.nasche.tumblr.com (formerly extrashotofespresso)

  29. @ Kariza: Thank you so much, dear!
    @ Carla: Me, hot?? Nah! Hahaha! You can totally wear cropped tops! You have the hot body for it!
    @ Nasia: Thanks, Nasche!

  30. @ Mars: I'm seeing little lines on my face already. Sigh, the curse of age. :?


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