Satin Leopard

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(Top: Love Loti // Leather Shorts: Topshop // Shoes: Soule Phenomenon // Bag: Zara)

The virus is still very much alive and kicking but I feel so much better now compared to last Saturday night (or should I say early Sunday morning). Hopefully, I am able to wake up tomorrow morning with enough energy to go to work. I badly need to work on loads of things.

In other news... yours truly, together with three other Filipino bloggers, got featured in Stylebible PH's Blogger Challenge Segment last week.

Spot our take on summer prints HERE:

P.S. I'm still not over the tsunami tragedy that just transpired in Japan a few days ago. Makes me think how blogging can be "shallow" against the grander scheme of things. Do you feel the same way too?


  1. great outfit, I love the blouse and congrats on your feature.

  2. I am still shocked by the traumatic events that occurred in Japan. my prayers go out to the people there. Sometimes, blogging can be shallow, but it can also be a release of emotions for some. Conrats on your feature and I am so jealous of the top :)

    Sarah Jane R.

  3. gorgeous blouse! you look wonderful xx

  4. Hiii! First, yes, I'm trying not to think about that.. I know that this is most definitely not a solution, but everytime I think of it, I burst out crying. It was the most horrible thing in world's history. And as I can see the problems there never end. There is constantly the nuclear danger, just like their pain and losses were not enough.. :( I don't know what to say, I pray for Japan and I hope everyone helps. Donate, people, donate.

    Anyway, feeling really award to speak about kinda not important matters, I'm telling that I fing you stunning! I love how you mixed leopard with leather, it's so edgy fierce! And I so love your shoes and fox tale! It's amazing! And the whole outfit is impeccable! :) Truth is that you're becoming one of my very very very favorite bloggers :) Well, you already are, but you're always becoming more and more my favorite :) And of course CONGRATS on the feature!! That's really amazing and you SO deserve it! :D

  5. Wow Gorgeous outfit!!! LOVE the leopard with your orange lipstick:)I think its such a great combo:) Also the shoes are fabulous and congrats on the feature!

    Yes, I do feel that blogging can be shallow:/
    It is so terrible what is going on in Japan....that I feel like I take so many things for granted.

  6. Get Well soon Kookie!
    And Congrats on the feature!

  7. Love the top with your lipstick!

    Yes it made me think a lot about blogging and shopping. Suddenly everything feels so superficial :(

  8. love the leopard top! congrats on the feature! and I hope you feel better soon :)

  9. I think that blogging can go both ways. Sometimes it's so mundane but then again it's a great way to reach out to people in all parts of the world. depends really what you of it. i love yours though.

    that is a gorgeous sexy leopard top! feel better soon.

  10. Just curious.. How many leopard prints do you have in your closet? :)


  11. In love with the outfit! The blouse is so pretty!:D

  12. Your blouse and shoes!
    I'm in love with leopard print too!


  13. That's a super cute top you got there, Kookie!
    Hopefully you and Japan heal quickly. :)


  14. I know what you mean. It is really sad. We can't help but really feel sorry. Then there's this part wherein we're thankful it's not us but we have to be alert for the possibilities. It's a set of mixed feelings and all we can do is donate if we can and pray for God's best.

    Blogging is shallow if you look at in a certain angle. But we can really change that outlook as long as bloggers do the effort to be more concern of social and political issues as well apart from vanity etc. :)

    BTW, you look great and get well soon dear!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  15. I love your shirt! And the heels are killers : )

  16. you looked pretty kooks.

    what happened to japan is truly heartbreaking. all we can do is pray and help in any way we can.

    Blogging on the other hand is a powerful tool to lift up dampen spirits. I see you now and i feel good. Am not escaping the tragedy, just trying to see the beauty around me. It's a temporary remedy but it does the trick.

  17. @ Dani: Awww...I love that last line, "Hope you and Japan can heal quickly". :)

    @ Melai: Siguro nga. I always watch news about Japan ever since the tsunami. Nakakaiyak lang. :(

    @ thestylevoyager: Thanks dear!

  18. @ Belle: I guess your right! Thanks, dear!

    @ ANON: Let me see...I have this top, a cover-up, a cardigan, two dresses, a sleeveless top and a pair of shoes in leopard that's 7...I think! Haha!

  19. Kookie!!! I am in love with that leopard satin top! I could just imagine how soft it feels against your skin! LOL ;)

  20. The shape of this shirt is just a DREAM ! Lucky U

  21. Love the leopard print shirt, what a cute look!

    I think everything is put into perspective when such a tragic event occurs, it always make me appreciate what I take for granted. Sally x


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