Luna, La Union

Sunday, January 15, 2017

By the sea is where I am happiest...

Top: Beetroot / Pants: from a bazaar / Sandals: Tres

Before 2016 came to a close, I decided to drive up north and spend the last 3 days of the year in my favorite place, my home away from home - San Juan, La Union. It was the perfect year-ender trip as 'Elyu' is where I always find myself at my happiest. I've been visiting this surf town for almost a decade now but it was only during this recent trip that I was able to manage to go beyond the perimeter of San Juan and explore the other parts of La Union. On my must-see list were Baluarte (a 400-year old Spanish watch tower) and Bahay na Bato located at the town of Luna (which is about 23 km. drive away from San Juan). The drive alone to Luna was already a delightful experience in itself as you get to pass through a long stretch of road with a beautiful view of the West Philippine Sea.  

When we arrived at Baluarte, I was hoping to see it in its untouched state but I was not aware that it's being reconstructed due to heavy damage caused by Typhoon Lando (from 2015). Nevertheless, the drive to Baluarte was worth it as beyond the old structure was an expansive and inviting pebble beach waiting to be explored. And explored it, I did. The beach stretches even beyond Bahay na Bato, another tourist attraction a few kilometers away from the old watch tower. As its name implies, it is a property known for its house made from stones. It is truly a picturesque destination (and Instagram-worthy, I must say) with an abundance of plants, stone sculptures and wood carvings decorating it. I wish I had taken a lot more photos of Bahay na Bato so that I can show you how beautiful it is but there were just too many other tourists visiting at that time. Oh well. 

Sigh. I can't wait to go back to La Union. Here's to hoping for more road trip adventures this 2017!

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