Beach Staples

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Keeping it light and airy for some beach lovin'.

Romper: ZALORA / Mandals: Zara

I'm not one to "dress up" when I'm at the beach. I would only bring with me the "staples" -- a couple of oversized tank tops (which I use as a coverup), a few pairs of shorts, some camisoles and off-shoulder tops, flip flops, and swimwear, of course. My beach wardrobe  have been stripped down to the basics so much so that I would bring the same set of clothes in all of my local beach trips, which can be quite embarrassing if I'm traveling with the same set of friends and I'd be seeing the same set of folks (locals and regular LU visitors) at the same beach spot every time ("Wala ka na bang ibang damit???"). That's why for my recent trip back to La Union a week ago, I decided to purchase a few new clothes just to spice up my beach clothing stash (which would eventually become part of a new set of beach staples...and the vicious cycle goes on and on. Tsk!). Got myself a breezy romper that I can just slip in and out of with ease and is just perfect for seaside walks. Purchased this (and a couple more) at 20% off via a newfound-yet-not-so-new gem of an online store -- Zalora. Seriously, I don't even know why I've never shopped from Zalora before! Their signature line of basics is....ahhhh....just heaven!

I suggest you take a gander at Zalora's wide range of merch HERE. I'm sure that like me, you'll end up buying a piece or two as well. Oh, if it's your first time to shop at Zalora, just use this code -- ZBAPZDPU (shhh...not everyone knows about this!) to get 15% off on your first purchase! Spread the word to your close friends!


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