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Friday, February 13, 2015

Continuing the story on beach staples and newly purchased beachwear...

Cropped Top: Beet Root / Bikini Bottom: Triangl / Shorts: ZALORA

Whenever I would shop for clothes and footwear, I always consider versatility, wearability and cost per wear to justify the price and purchase. Pieces that can be worn again and again and in different ways or can function beyond its original purpose, such as this cropped halter top that can be worn as a bather as well, are winners in my book...erm, closet. I can already picture wearing this top with a pair of bell bottom pants for my trip to Malasimbo next month (so excited about this!). And to add to my growing collection of shorts, I also got myself a breezy, slinky pair that you can wear to the beach...or can accompany you to bed as part of a comfortable sleepwear. Got these shorts at a steal for less than Php500 from Zalora!

Again, if you haven't shopped at Zalora, I highly encourage that you visit their e-shop and have a looksie. A lot of their items are now on sale (hint: FINAL CLEARANCE)! And if you're a first-time Zalora shopper, you can use the voucher code ZBAPZDPU to get 15% off on your first purchase!

You're welcome.

You can also shop for similar items here:


  1. noticed you got fitter! care to share some tips? :)

    1. Thanks, Marie! Although I had to re-read your comment 'coz I thought you said I got "fritter". I'm like, "whaaaat???". Haha! To answer your question though, I've been working out for more than a year now. Lost some body fat in the process. I lift weights and "try" (being the operative term) to eat healthy as much as I can - I "try" (again) to lessen my intake of sweets and processed foods. If you want to get fit, I suggest you do the same. Just be active and try to eat whole foods. :)

  2. Looking good, Kookie! I absolutely love your tan. How were you able to achieve it?! <3

    1. Thanks, Jeline! I was able to build up this color through consecutive beach trips since last year but with the help of a couple of products, such as Real Tan, Ocean Potion Tanning Xcelerator and Maui Island Browning Lotion. :)

    2. Oh cool. Thanks so much Kookie! x

  3. so ready for summer!!! that bikini top style is what I'm currently digging right now!! :D

    have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  4. love the black top Ms Kookie!!! it's classy and indeed versatile!

    czarina :)


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