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Monday, December 30, 2013

I've had my fair share of new food quests this year (although most of them are featured only on my Instagram account) and as 2013 is about to close, I'm leaving you with my latest foodie discovery -- SF Bistro. SF Bistro (short for San Francisco Bistro) is a new quaint resto-bar situated at Tuscany Estates (along McKinley Hill). SF Bistro is managed by the same group as Rue Bourbon's, hence you can expect the same relaxed and casual setting where you can decompress and enjoy the company of friends and family (or a date/main squeeze...whatever floats your boat!) This new joint offers a gastronomic selection of comfort food -- from unpretentious bar chow staples to well-thought-of signature dishes with great flavour profiles.

Click on "Read More" to see some of the SF Bistro grub I was able enjoy and devour, with the help of friends, of course!

For starters, we had an Oriental Chicken Salad (Php 185), comprised of tender chunks of roasted chicken, mandarin oranges and candied walnuts on a bed of fresh greens, topped with sesame seeds and a sesame vinaigrette. As a self-proclaimed salad monster, this salad gets an A on my book (I reckon you can never go wrong with a well-executed sesame dressing). Next on the list was a warm and comforting bowl of Creamy Broccoli Soup (Php 95) served with sharp cheddar and a slice of toasted garlic bread -- one of the dishes I truly enjoyed as I'm quite the sucker for broccoli soup. 

For the main dish (or should I say, 'dishes'), we got the Classic Buffalo Wings, Baked Crusted Salmon and Mushroom Duo Rockefeller. SF Bistro's version of Classic Buffalo Wings (Php280) has a generous serving of fried, juicy wings, drizzled with a mildly hot, sweet & tangy sauce and paired with a blue cheese dip. Seafood lovers would enjoy the Baked Crusted Salmon (Php 330) -- a parmesan-crusted salmon fillet served with dill cream sauce, mashed (or roasted) potatoes, corn and brocolli. If you're into rich, creamy white sauce, mushrooms and toasted garlic bread, you would definitely swoon over one of SF Bistro's bestsellers - the Mushroom Duo Rockefeller (Php240). This tasty dish was the ultimate highlight of our food night (I started doing my "happy dance" immediately after the first bite!). Just a piece of advice: when eating the Mushroom Duo Rockefeller, leave all of the proper food eating etiquette at the door and devour the dish like a real man -- which means mopping the sauce with the bread (and I mean, mop it!) and eating a spoonful of the spinach and cream cheese-drenched portobello and button mushrooms.

To cap off our night, we ordered a few drinks. Aside from great food, SF Bistro also boasts of a great selection of great-tasting drinks. They have an interesting set of smoothies (such as the likes of Yema Mama or Nutella Funtella), refreshing coolers and a wide array of beer and cocktails. I got myself a Spiked Margarita (I requested for only 20% alcohol - yes, I'm cool like that) and I must say, SF Bistro really knows how to make a good margarita.

All in all, I had a great and satisfying dining experience at SF Bistro and I would definitely go back to try out the other dishes in the menu (and I can't wait to sink my teeth again onto that Mushroom Duo Rockefeller concoction!).

This coming new year, try something new for a change and pay SF Bistro a visit. You won't regret it.

*For more info on SF Bistro, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. their food looks delish! wanna try their refreshing coolers!!

    czarina :)


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