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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sharing with you my most recent acquisition: a sick pair of 'Billie Firely' bikini from Australian swimwear brand, Triangl (check out their Instagram account for inspiring photos of toned ladies in their sizzling Triangl bikinis). I've been lusting over this pair for months now and I'm beyond thrilled to finally have one in my possession! This bikini is by far, the best bikini I own. The design may be simple but its punched up with special, one-of-a-kind details such as a metallic neoprene material for the bottom and mesh overlay for the top. But what I love most about this Triangl bikini is the fit - the bottom has a hipster cut (just the way I like it!) and sits well on my waist while the top hugs my teeny tiny twins up top perfectly. My problem with other swimwear brands is that they only offer matching sizes for both the top and bottom. Since I'm bottom-heavy (but "lacking" in the chest department), I always pick out a larger size to fit my derriere, leaving me with a big, loose bikini top that's begging to be filled out with them bosoms. But with Triangl bikinis, you can choose a different size for the top and the bottom to best fit your body type.

I'm definitely getting myself more bikinis from Triangl (I'm currently eyeing Coco Moonbeams and Miami Mint)! You can order your very own Triangl bikini HERE. Triangl ships worldwide and they ship fast too (got my bikini a week after I placed my order)! :)


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