Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jeans: Wrangler / Jacket & Eyewear: Mango / Shirt: Street Beat Boutique / Shoes: Pedro / Bangles: Mauve / Earrings: Satine

My insatiable love affair with denim jeans continues with this pair of Cool Max Hailey indigos from Wrangler. These Cool Max jeans are pretty cool, both in the literal and figurative sense. The fabric technology in these jeans is specifically engineered to tackle the challenge of constant, sudden and changing weather conditions -- these jeans keep you cool and clean during hot and humid weather and also provides accelerated drying time and insulation effects when it's cold or rainy). Now, styling these jeans was a pretty easy feat. All I had to do was to bring my high heels out and throw on a leather jacket over a random top -- in this case, a vintage rock band tee. Heels and jackets can truly do wonders and this formula always works for me.

P.S. How cute are the heart-shaped peeptoes on my pumps? Very fitting for the upcoming Valentine's, right? :)


  1. This is so spectacular! Love that vintage Pink Floyd shirt! It added an "umph" to your look ♥ You are always stunning and amazing! :">

  2. Wow!!!!! I love how effortless this look is! :"> And oh, your heels are really the cutest!!!!! <3


  3. Love this look!This shoesss <3


  4. i love your jacket <3 i've been meaning to ask you this, do you think it's worth it to buy a leather jacket from korean stores? for example, online stores like romwe? is the quality good enough or not? what's the leather like? :-? thanks!!

  5. love how you chose those red heels for this look!!! totally glam rock! :D

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  6. Love vintage style! :)

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  7. your vintage inspired shirt is really awesome Ms.Kookie!! it goes well with your cool pair of jeans!! LOVE the outfit!! those heart-shaped red pumps add just enough vibe for Valentines day :)

    czarina of paint it stripes

  8. I didn't notice the heart shaped peep toe pumps until I read it. :) That's why sometimes it's really important to give time in reading instead of just looking at the photos before leaving a comment. Anyway, it's so cute!! This outfit is simple but really edgy.:)

    xx Diana
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