Cut Like A Buffalo

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dress: F21 / Jacket: Romwe / Boots: Topshop / Bag: SM Accessories / Cross Bracelet: Romwe / Other Bracelets: Parfois / Belt: Moschino (via Designerati)

The chilly weather we've been currently experiencing in this eternally summer-filled country of ours has been a delightful welcome change (save for bathing in freezing water in the early morning -- I hate it!). I've been immensely enjoying covering myself up in long knit jumpers and jeans just to ward off the cold draft. The last time I wore the taupe maxi dress in these photos was about 2 years ago (yikes! it was that long!) but this time, I was able to pair it with a leather jacket since the weather permitted it. To add some spunk on otherwise plain jane look, I piled on some cool arm swag and added an SM Accessories fringe bag and Moschino belt (which I posted in my Instagram a few weeks ago).

I hope the weather here stays sunny and chilly forever! Haha!


  1. Very L.A look! Love it!


    Julia from

  2. I love how you gave that gorgeous belt a different and versatile take! <3

  3. Love this look!!! <3 So rad!! <3


  4. wow! love it!!!

  5. I love that dress! Jersey knit dresses are so comfortable and that one looks amazing on you. I love it with the leather jacket and fringe bag! Perfect! <3


  6. love this look from head to toe!!! aaahhh!!! :)

  7. I want your dress !!!!!! aaaaaaa :)

  8. I love your accessories. Cute!!!! Please also visit my fashion blog:
    Ladies Fashion Trends


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