NEW IN: Last Haul Before The Shopping Ban

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sharing with you some of my latest acquisitions (I ordered some of these last year and only received them recently):

1. Alexander Wang 'Constance' Booties - This pair is a little tricky to wear because of the steep arch but I still love its shape and its blue-tipped front. 

2. Marni x H&M Trousers - I had a hard time choosing amongst the wonderful pieces in the Marni x H&M collection. My first choice had to be the brown patent leather top with gray sleeves though as the design definitely resonates my style. However, I found it a bit expensive and impractical to wear. I finally settled on the green trousers above (the print is very "Marni"). I know that I could get a lot of wear out of these pants.

3. Karen Walker 'Number One' Sunglasses - I've been lusting over this pair for more than a year and finally, I have them in my hands. 

4. Viva Glam 'Nicki' - The color on this lippie is gorgeous and complements my skin color well. Definitely a good buy.

5. H&M Floral Trousers - Floral trousers....just because. 

On a serious note though...

While the sight of these pieces can be quite gratifying, they are just physical items which will not render anyone complete happiness and satisfaction. And this being said, I will be imposing a shopping ban upon myself (and I really do hope I follow-through with this). I need to do some soul-searching. Some things just doesn't feel right at the moment.

P.S. I will be in Davao this Sunday for the Joy Kaon Ta, Davao! food festival to be held in Brgy SIR Covered Court. To my Davao readers, hope you can drop by. :)



  2. love the sunnies!!! :)


  3. Awesome sunglasses! And good luck on your ban. And soul-searching :)

    Almira :)

  4. I am loving those glasses! Why is everyone going on a shopping ban? =/

  5. Great buys before a shopping ban! I love the floral pants and the shoes. Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to find my own version since there's no H&M close to me. Lol. :)

  6. i absolutely love the floral jeans(got the white topshop one) now i want a black one like yours! some people in the blogosphere disliked the printed Marni x H&M trousers & for the life of me, i don't see why, they're adorable! hope the floral jeans & trousers are still around when i get to an H&M this may!

  7. @ Therese: The Marni trousers actually look and fit a bit like pajama pants, which I love. Go get the black one!

    @ Trinnah: I hope you get the perfect pair of floral pants for you!

    @ Wonder Woman: I guess they're on a shopping ban because it's Lenten Season? My reason is more personal though.

  8. OMG I just got Alexander Wang boots, too. They're in a similar shape. It is definitely tricky to wear! But the shape is really nice so that's what matters. :)


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