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Friday, March 16, 2012

Now that I’m nearing the dreaded “30 Y.O.”, I’ve been going through a lot of introspections -- I keep on questioning and criticizing my choices and decisions and have been scrutinizing all of the physical changes unraveling before me. Every time I look at myself in the mirror, I keep on noticing the slight wrinkles and crow’s feet on my face, all of which were nonexistent before. I’ve also been noticing the emergence of sunspots and unwanted lumpiness left and right. Oh dear. I am getting old.

But all of these unwanted physical changes, no matter how they make me shudder, are all part of aging. And really, there is nothing wrong with aging -- we will all go through this at some point in our lives.

There are different measures we can take though to help us confront the aging process with grace. Some of these are: observing proper skin hygiene, eating healthy, well-balanced meals, getting adequate sleep, exercising and wearing appropriate undergarments. Yes folks, undergarments!

To be honest, I’ve never really cared for wearing proper undergarments. I’ve had these years-old underwired brassieres that I still use to give my teeny tiny twins a little lift. Haha! All this time, I thought I was doing fine in the undergarment department when I had a good dose of the wake up pill from a meeting I attended a few weeks ago with the intimate apparel brand, Wacoal.

In that meeting, I discovered (and realized) that as our bodies change as we grow older, so should our undergarments. Case in point:

 How Breasts Age

How Hips Age

How Stomach Ages

As we age, our breasts, stomach and hips (as well as other parts of our body) go through a lot of changes – they lose their elasticity and firmness and they tend to sag due to the natural pull of gravity. What this implies is that a bra designed for a woman in her 20’s may not necessarily fit a woman in her 40s, even if both women have the same cup size (hmm…so that’s why my bras fit a little weird). 

Now, if all of this info on body changes is getting you a bit frazzled on which undergarments you should be purchasing and wearing, fret no more because Wacoal has got you covered. They’ve developed undergarment lines fitting the body specifications of different age groups to give each woman the perfect silhouette.

If you’re a woman in your 20s, Wacoal has a set of fun and flirty designs that can help emphasize the beautiful shape of your breasts, waists and hips:

For women in their 30s, there are brassieres with underwire, pads and side panels with reinforced fabric/bone to give you a refined shape:

For the lovely women in their 40s, Wacoal has bras with wider straps and side panels to support your breasts, shoulders and back:

Now let me show you what I got for myself:

I needed a new seamless panty badly and this nude one from Wacoal fits great and even has a butt support to frame my 'little behind'. I also got a nice t-shirt bra to replace my cheap, worn out and dimpled bras (haha!). Trust Wacoal to provide you with great fit and quality.

Now after all of this long 'talk', the fact that you have to keep in mind is this: choose the right underwear based on your age. But most importantly, love your body, whatever your age, size and shape is.

And with the help of Wacoal, you can be body beautiful at any age. 

To know more about the perfect underwear for you, visit

*This is a sponsored post.

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  1. This is so true! There are times when the most expensive clothes look a little less than what they're worth when you're not wearing the right undergarments! Conversely, The most inexpensive tops and dresses can look better with right set of inner apparel!

  2. Love this post Kookie kase I love buying underwear and my Mom and I are a big fan of Wacoal! It's a little pricey pero super good quality! Nakakahiya man aminin but I have Wacoal bras that's like 3-4 years old already but they're still in good condition. :D And I love their seamless panties! :D

  3. @ Honey: I was a Wacoal user and I can vouch for the great quality. However, when I was the one purchasing na my own underwear, I went for the inexpensive ones but they easily get worn out.

  4. Genial tu blog! espero que te pases por el mio y me cuentes que te parece.


  5. I'm sorry but this post made me laugh so hard! Thanks! I really needed that laugh too! Coming from the girl who's about to turn 34 and had previously looked in the mirror at 30 and was like "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT" at the dimmples on my thighs I can relate. But seriously, I wouldn't trade my 30's for my 20's at all! And that my friend is the true sign of getting older/growing up: you're okay with your life and wouldn't trade it for anything!


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