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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If you are regular readers of this blog, then you would know how much I enjoy having my nails done. I have a penchant for having clean and pretty looking hands and feet. When it comes to nail color choices, I'm not afraid to experiment with bold and bright hues. So imagine my delight when the people behind Paint Nail Hub sent me a box filled with yummy-colored nail polishes. Let me show you what's inside this pretty box.

Tadah! Six bottles of nail polish! Paint Nail Hub offers a variety of polishes from imported brands such as Butter London, Nubar, China Glaze, Sinful Colors and Toma.

(from l-r): China Glaze "High Hopes", Nubar "Hot Fuchsia", Butter London "Muggins", Sinful Colors "Pink Forever" and Toma "Ponder Me Pewter"

China Glaze "High Hopes" reminds me of a cool tropical fruit punch. The actual color has a bit more orange tone to it. I love that it's not your typical red polish.

(from l-r): Butter London "Muggins", Sinful Colors "Forever Pink", Toma "Ponder Me Pewter" and Nubar "Hot Fuchsia"

Among this set, my favorites are "Muggins" and "Ponder Me Pewter". Muggins is a very pretty pale lavender with a hint of gray while Ponder Me Pewter is a fancy metallic hue that doesn't look tacky on nails. I love both colors because they make my manos look clean and fairer.

For your nail polish fix, I suggest that you drop by Paint Nail Hub. They offer high quality nail polish brands (some of which are not available anywhere else in the local market). The prices of their nail polish are very competitive too and are actually cheaper compared to those found in Multiply shops or even in PCX.


  1. Wow Ate Kookie! the colors are so eye catching they look so pretty <3

  2. I love the Ponder Me Pewter. you're right, doesn't look tacky.

  3. I like "Ponder Me Pewter" too!! They all look so lovely.

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  4. Love the fuchsia and the ponder me pewter! Infairness kookie everytime i see you, your nails are always awesome!:) i hope you post the polishes you bought sa Cuenca.

  5. Your nails are perfect!
    Love all the colors! You can never go wrong with pink + glitters!
    Sinful Colors is one of my favorite here in the U.S!

    xx à la mode

  6. Oh I love that metallic hue on Ponder Me Pewter!! ♥




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