Mod Brights

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

 (Dress. Purse, Jewelry: MANGO // Turban: c/o Yhansy // Heels: Feet For A Queen)

The theme for the 4th and final Mango x Stylebible Blogger Challenge is all about 60's fashion. I took my cue from F/W 2011's bright 60's pieces as showcased by Alberta Ferreti, Versace, Celine, Prada and YSL. I opted for a Mod look with a simple but gorgeous shift dress in a bright tangerine hue. I paired the dress with minimal accessories with gold accents, a bright blue turban and a pretty pair of chunky heels from Feet For A Queen. (You may have read HERE about my fascination with the combination of royal blue + orange, hence the repeat in this post).

It's back-to-work for most of us tomorrow. Le sigh. Wish the holidays could go on forever.

 P.S. Watch out for the Giordano Fashion Showdown, featuring me and other female Filipina bloggers. Hope you can support me and vote for me!

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  1. I love this, looks amazing! definitely following.

  2. kookieberks!(i have no idea where that came from!haha)

    you look so chica naman!!! :)
    I hope to see you soon!

  3. Ooh is this in Alabang? Looks kind of like it. :) I love how the two bold colors just pop together without being too much. I think the black just helps balance out the loudness of the blue and orange. :)

    I don't think I can ever say this enough, but I really love your versatility when it comes to dressing up. :)

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  4. mad love for this, babe! as always. :)


  5. Love the head wrap, the colour blocking is great! x

  6. @ Duckalicious: Thanks, love!

    @ Mestizay: Hahaha! Parang "Kookie + barkada" lang. Kaloka ka, Maui! :)

    @ Megann: Wow, thank you so much! And yup! ATC parking lot. Are you from the South too? I have other photos taken from this place. Haha!

    @ Eden: Weeeee! Thanks, babes!

    @ Dani: Thanks, Dani! I just tied it up in a bun. Buti the hair cooperated. Haha!

  7. I love orange and blue put together! You look great!

  8. wow stunning colors!! i adore the chic dress and headpiece!!

  9. love the colors dear! and the turban suits you so much!

  10. wow, this look is amazing, I can't wait to see your next look!!

    love your blog!

    kisses Dani

    You are always welcome to visit mine:

  11. Very stunning colors.

  12. I love the contrast of the bright orange dress with the royal blue turban! You look so chic in a turban! I'm so jealous cos I can't wear one without looking like a "madam auring" haha! Love the look! <3

  13. you look stunning ms. kookie! love your style :))

  14. @ Herroyalbleakness: Thanks, love!

    @ Jeenee: Your comment just made me laugh! Haha! I think a turban will look good on you as well since you have long hair. I feel at times that I look like a fortune teller too when I'm wearing a turban (i even get weird stares from officemates)..but you just have the shrug the bad vibes off and wear it with confidence. :)

    @ Roxy: Thank you so much, dear! Glad you appreciate my style! :)

    @ MarieStella/Dani/Halie/Mischell: Thanks, girls!!!!!

  15. Ang elegante mo naman dito Kookie..beautiful color combo.

  16. love this!!! :)

  17. Nice outfit, love your use of colours.

  18. Stunning! love all the colors!

    Fashion Blogger

  19. Gorgeous color combination!
    I will go vote for you:D

  20. i am loving this way too much!!! :)

  21. you look stunning! love your bracelet too!


  22. Love this look!


  23. Hello Kookie! I love your look here. I wish I could pull off colorful outfits like you do :))
    Love the orange dress with the chunky heels :))

  24. love the orange dress and shoes!!

  25. This one! This one! I love this outfit! Super inspiration color blocking outfit ko siya! :) I tried the orange/blue combo outfit the next day after I saw this post. hehehe!

  26. @ Belle: When you said "elegante", the image that came to my mind was "matrona". Hahaha!

    @ I'm Just Me/ Charlotte Sparkle: Thanks, girls! Charlotte, your name is so cute!

    @ Styleflux: Thanks, Kaye!

    @ Hallie: Ooh yay! Thanks love!

    @ When Babi Speaks: Thanks, Babi!

    @ Raijean: Thanks, dear!

    @ Angeli: Oh I know you could pull it off too! Just experiment! :)

    @ Ria: Thanks, love!!!

    @ Pepperqueen: Glad you were inspired by this look! There's something so cheery and fun with a blue/orange combo vs. other color combos. I don't know. Might be just me. :)

  27. wow, i love the colors in your outfit...and your lip color too is so pretty!

  28. @ Yeahzel: Thanks, dear! I used NYX Addis Ababa for my lips. :)


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