Blue & Orange

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

(Dress & Eyewear: Mango // Boots: Miista // Clutch: courtesy of Cole Vintage)

I've been drawn to blue hues lately. Complemented this blue striped dress with tangerine accents via  the clutch, "Morange" lips and orange & turquoise leopard-print nails.

It's Philippine Fashion Week once again. What shows will you be attending?


  1. Gorgeous look, love the shoes!

  2. I love how you look chic and edgy! I'm also drawn to those colors too!

    Fashion Blogger

  3. Love the polish! Sexaaay!


  4. kookie! whenever i see your outfits the first word that comes to my mind is "rockstar". you rock all your outfits. edgy but surprisingly feminine. :)i hope ican bump into you on the pfw and have a pic with you teehee :)

  5. is that sheer panel on the boots! love it!

  6. those shoes are amazing

  7. cute look love the shoes!! :)

  8. @ Mariel: Kaaliw noh? :P
    @ Halie: Thanks, love!
    @ Kaye: Great color combo, right? ;)
    @ Ennaid: Hahaha! More like, fierce! Hahahaha!
    @ Rovie: Yay! You get my style. Yes, hope to bump into you. I might attend the Oxygen show. :)
    @ Dred: Yes! It's mesh. :)
    @ Lilith/Liezyl/I'm Just Me: Thanks, girls!
    @ Shady Chronicles: Thaaaaanks, Dani!
    @ Yna: May ganon??? Hahaha! Thanks, love!

  9. Those shoes are killing me kookie!!!

  10. Ang ganda ganda mo, Kookie!!!!!! You have this rock chic vibe but still edgy and classy!!!! Pano yun!! hee!

    BTW, saw you (second time, 1st Bloggers United which I told you about too) @ the Multiply Shopping Party!! Really pretty in person too, di lang sa photos!!! :)


  11. Gorgeous look! Loving those shoes and your nails are amazing!

  12. are the shoes comfy? great look btw

  13. Ang ganda ganda! :) If you've seen Flipped, the second pic up there made me think of how Julie might look like when she grows up more :D

  14. Blue and orange, how gorgeous couples they are !
    P.S. if your hair getting longer? so lovely!

  15. @ Belle: Haha! I know you love platforms as well!

    @ Jenny/Lucy Is Lost: Thanks, girls!

    @ Nina: Ganon??? Hahaha! It's easy (well, that's what I think! Haha!). Just always wear platform boots even with dresses and then dalhin lang sa attitude! Naks! Hahaha!

    You should've said HI during the Multiply Party! I was soooper late nga eh.

    @ ANON: Yup, they are. But I haven't tried standing in them the whole day.

    @ Hallie: Yes, my hair is getting longer! Haven't had the time to re-style them. :)

  16. Those shoes are wicked awesome.
    I never really know what to wear with blue.
    Maybe white.
    District of Fashion

  17. I love that manicure design. It is kicking! I think this season there's alot of pop of color with electric blues, purples, and dusty pinks. I'm drawn to those colors this season.

  18. you look super pretty kookie! i love the outfit and the shoes :)cute nail art too!

  19. Your hair is getting so long na! I love it. :D I also love your boots!

  20. @ Buky: Black is your safest bet! :)

    @ Dietingfashions: Those colors are lovely. :)

    @ Ria: Aww, thanks so much, Ria!!!

    @ Lauren: Yes it is! I'm just letting it grow. Not minding it all. I want to get a haircut though. :?

  21. @ Herroyalbleakness: Oh I haven't seen it yet! Is it a movie or a TV show?


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