Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thank God For Online Shopping! For someone like me who's perpetually busy, online shopping is such a convenient method to shop without having to brave the mall traffic or travel all the way to the other side of globe just to satiate one's retail appetite. Believe it or not, I purchase most of my clothes and shoes online. The only time I get to force myself to go to physical fashion stores is when there is a sale. Haha. For local buys, MULTIPLY is one of my go-to online places. There are a lot of online shops within the Multiply community that offer of-the-moment clothes, accessories and shoes. Recently, I found out about the MARKETPLACE which makes online shopping in Multiply so much easier and hassle-free.

Just click on the Marketplace tab in Multiply. Items are already categorized for easy browsing.

With the Marketplace, you can purchase items from different shops in one go without the need for separate transactions. Just click on the "Buy Now" icon and everything goes in your Shopping Cart!

Shopping via the Marketplace is so much safer as well because final payment is coursed through Multiply.com's various payment accounts (i.e. BDO, BPI, G-Cash & Paypal). You need not worry as well about scammers running away with your hard earned cashed because most Online Sellers under the Marketplace are covered by the Buyer's Protection program (read more about this HERE).

Let me share with you some of my recent purchases via the Marketplace:

I got these from The Posh Wardrobe. I love the midi length of the suedette skirt and the geometric pattern in the bodycon skirt.

image via Once Bitten

Most of you are already aware of my affinity towards nail polishes (I get my nail color changed almost every week!). I usually get my polish stash from Digital Traincase. When I saw their NYX Girls collection, I went crazy over the yummy colors! "Bubblegum" (pictured above) is just the perfect funky neon yellow-green color I've been looking for! I also purchased polish in pastel colors such as: Pistachio, Mermaid Green and Mute Lavander. I'm so excited to wear these colors!

If you guys haven't tried out buying via the Marketplace, well then...you definitely should! It's a more fun shopping experience, I tell you.

P.S. I'll be sharing with you guys some more of my Multiply buys so stay tuned for that. :)


  1. i love the music here.


  2. I agree! It became more convenient for buyers actually. but as a seller it's a little hassle since you have to wait for days before you could get the payment and costs more (when you use multiply cart).

    I'm enjoying my multiply accnt more on shopping rather than selling XD

  3. multiply is evil! :P losing so much money over them, so hard to resist! :)

  4. loving that bright yellow nail polish ! and midi skirt is pretty too !

    www.glisters and blisters.com


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