SM Southmall Levels Up!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I’m one of the few fashion bloggers who live in the South – in Las Pinas to be specific - and while we don’t have the huge superstores (such as SM Megamall, SM MOA, SM Makati and SM North Edsa) around here, we do have SM Southmall which houses all of the essentials and more. It is to be acknowledged though that the fashion store options in SM Southmall is not as elaborate as that of its sister malls in Ortigas or Makati.

Or so I thought it was.

About a month ago, I decided to pop into SM Southmall for a quick bite and to shop for some toiletries in the department store. It has been a very, very, very long time since I’ve last visited our humble mall in the South…and to my surprise, when I entered the mall, I was greeted by a seemingly larger space, brighter white lights and an array of new stores in one of the wings. Yes, SM Southmall has just gone through a renovation and I wasn’t even aware of it! 


The Southmall department store, which used to be in the middle of everything else, has been refreshed and re-located to the side to accommodate more shops for us, fashion-hungry Southern mavens. 

SM Southmall now has Promod, Accessorize, All Flip Flops, Nine West, Cache-Cache, Charles and KeithLa Senza, Terranova, Parfois and G By Guess.  And just recently, a fashion show was held to showcase the latest pieces from some of these stores.

SM Southmall is definitely keeping up to the fashion times and I’m thankful that it has recognized the clamor of the Southern folks for more fashion options by bringing in a fresher set of stylish brands. Now, there is more reason to stay and chill in the South and shop to your heart’s content with the improved SM Southmall!

Watch out for SM Southmall’s grand re-launch in December! More shops will be added such as...

Aldo. Woot! Finally!!!

...and this!

I wonder what shop this is? Can you make a guess?

I'm so excited for these developments! I hope my fellow bloggers from the South are too! 

For more updates...

(click on this icon to be redirected to SM Southmall Fanpage)

P.S. I’ll be sharing with you some of my amazing finds in the new stores I mentioned above so do watch out for that!


  1. wow. i miss SM Southmall! Nice to know we have Promod there and Charles and Keith. Am not sure how much would be the price range there cuz Promod here in SG is super expensive. Charles and Keith here is cheaper though compared in PInas.


  2. Oh yes.. I'm so happy that SM Southmall is improving and opening lots of new stores.

    You live so close to me yet I don't ever get to bump into you. Well I hope to see you around.

    ♥ Sarah

  3. @ Sarah: Oooh, are you from Las Pinas too? I usually hang out at BF Homes, Paranaque. :)

    @ Kat: I did hear that C&K is cheaper in SG. Lucky you!

  4. ohymygosh, I didn't know you go to SM Southmall!! Taga-Las Pinas din ako! And oo nga, nakakamangha na nagbago na sila. Dati nung bata ako paStoryland lang ako eh, tapos ngayon eeee! Fashion na! Tapos mas maganda na talaga <3 Hope I see you somewhen there! Christmas shopping maybe? XD

  5. looks like its going to be an awesome mall!!

  6. I want to be there with a lot of money!

  7. Nagshopping ka? Waaah! Bongga! Kaw na :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. wow. you're from las pinas pala! me too! and guess what, there's also an IMAX na in southmall (just in case you didnt notice)!

  9. I used to go there a lot, too! I live in the South as well (much further south than Las Pinas...I live in Calamba, Laguna). I think I wanna check out SM Southmall again. I haven't been to Festival Mall and ATC for quite some time already as well...Better check those out, too!
    Mars of fashion insouciance
    Join my giveaway! I am giving away two chic items from Giordano!

  10. I think that new store is Peacocks from UK:

  11. What's that new store?? :)

  12. @ Anonymous: Someone told me that it's "Peacocks".


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