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Sunday, July 10, 2011

(Top: courtesy of Style District // Shorts: F21 // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // Necklace: Paradigm Shift // Bag: WAGW)

Finally got to take out the Leopard Lanas for a walk around town two weekends ago. They're definitely heavier and more monstrous than the Litas. If you're planning to get yourselves a pair, I suggest you go a half-size or one size up as the sizing for the Lanas run small. I wouldn't lie, these Lanas are not as comfortable as I assumed they would be but I still love them. They're definitely a conversation piece. On a different note, I'm so glad that backpacks are making a comeback. A couple of months ago, I saw this perfect brown leather backpack from Topshop and I had planned on getting it. When I came back for it though, every stock had already been sold. Bummer. Thank goodness I saw a similar-looking backpack at What A Girl Wants. And the good thing is, it was only priced at Php 1,388.00! So yay for me! If you wish to get one, just go HERE.

P.S. Thank you so much to Ria of Style District for the white, sheer long-back Haley top! I looooove it!


  1. The shoes and the bag go well together! :)) Sexay as always!


  2. Nanliit ang Lita ko. loved your whole outfit that day Kookie....

  3. ahh you wore it na! love it on you :)the Lana's are soo fierce! And that bag! I want one too haha :)

  4. @ Belle: Pati Litas ko din, nanliit eh. Magkatabi pa sila. hahaha!

    @ Ria: Thank you soooo much!!! I really wanted to get the top eh. :)

  5. the lana's are two towering columns, they look great though, "tiis-ganda" :P

  6. Wow, those feline print Lanas are a beauty! And your lace up shorts are darling.

    ♥, Jamie

  7. im in loooooove with that sheer top! WANT WAN WANT WANT!

  8. Love this color palette on you... it's very nice!!!=) And I love the necklace and the backpack too!!! Amazing platforms but they don't look really comfy;)
    Have a great week!!!

  9. The rope necklace is interesting! I want to try and make one myself (:

    I want to get Lita's but my shoe size is growing so I will have to wait longer or get a bigger shoe size. Are they comfortable to walk in?

    Vita T.

  10. wow! the shoes are amazing! love jeffrey <3

  11. Wow, absolutely beautiful bag :)))

    LOVE minnja


  12. waaahhh those shoes! imma die die die! you look so beautiful :D

  13. @ Vita: I wouldn't recommend walking in them the whole day. The first time I wore them, I was standing for about 2 hours + walked for about 10 minutes and my feet started to burn afterwards. :?

  14. Those Lanas look monstrous and gorgeous at the same time!



  15. Monstrous. I immediately thought of that word to describe the shoes (in a positive way, of course). I was surprised to see that you used it as well!

  16. Those shoes are to die forrrr <33


  17. I love your unusual necklace you def. push fashion borders! love your top :)



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