Gold Dot Photo Shoot: Behind The Scenes

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last July 2 (a day after my birthday), I had the pleasure of joining fellow bloggers (Karl Leuterio, Lloyda Lim-Tan & Mike Magallanes) in a very special photo shoot for Gold Dot's 1st Anniversary Collection. The theme of the shoot and the anniversary collection was "JAPAN" and Ally Duazo, the owner of Gold Dot, even had kimonos and Japan flag shirts customized especially for us. Sweet! 

Here's a sneak peak on what transpired during the shoot and a little peep at some of the shoes which will be part of the special anniversary collection.

Lloyda getting "japanized" by young make up artist, Avi Castano
I am a modern Japanese warrior and I'ma whip you with my hair!
I hate using the ANTM's term, "fierce"...but damn! Mike's pose here is just FIEEEEERCE!
Ally Duazo, the woman behind Gold Dot, with her sister, Averyl. 
 Ally's JC "Security" boots. These shoes can definitely kill.
Stylist extraordinaire, Gelo Arucan
The "Kookie" booties. These will also be available in Taupe.
"Mike" wedges
"Lloyda" mary jane platforms. These are so cute!
Isn't she super cute as well? J-Pop!
The photographer, Bjorn Bedayo. The make up artist, Avi Castano.

We all had a blast (a blast, I say!) during the photo shoot! There were a lot of funny scenes here and there and everyone was so comfortable around each other. Thank you to Gold Dot for giving us this opportunity to be "fierce" models for a day. Haha. And how cool is that the shoes from the anniversary collection will be named after us??? (Can I get a "Hellz yeah!"? Haha!) Seriously though, I couldn't thank Gold Dot enough for always supporting my blog and sending amazing shoes my way. Thank you, thank you!

I can't wait for the release of the lookbook and the new collection! You guys should definitely watch out for it. It's coming out really, really soon. :)


  1. SO COOL! All those shoes are insanely sick:)

  2. Crazy crazy crazy so much :-)

  3. i truly can't wait for the upcoming collection!!! esp now that i saw some of the designs.. i love it! ;) thanks for sharing kookie.. you are always amazing and phenomenal!! ;)


  4. @ Hope: They are! If you have a chance to order from Gold Dot, I suggest you do. :)

    @ Shaki: Haha! Thanks, dear!

    @ Sol: Awww, thanks so much Sol!

  5. ill watch out for the studio photos :)

  6. Sobrang cool talaga! Waaaah! Bongga teh! Kaw na! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  7. the Kookie wedge are gorgeous and the Lloyda Mary janes are so cute!!! Happy Anniversary to Gold Dot! Love the BTS photos! So fun!

  8. hi miss kookie. do you know what brand and model of camera Bjorn uses? Thank you so miuch. hope you''ll reply to this.

  9. NICE! so exciting, can't wait to grab me a pair or two :P

  10. I love the Kookie booties! So fierce! Reminds me of Finsk shoes. Happy anniversary to Gold Dot! :D

  11. @ Ennaid: Sorry dear, I have no idea what camera model Bjorn used for the shoot. :?

  12. everyone loook so FIERCE! and jpop na jpop ang dating ni lloyda!! :P


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