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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here they are, guys...the teaser photos for Mash Up's first collection, dubbed as "Desperately Wanting".

So what's in store for you @ Mash Up?

Cozy Knits

Styling Tip: Layer the long brown knit sweater over a black body con dress or over a black bra + black mini skirt combo and you're good to go for a crazy night out with friends.


High Waist Culottes & Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are so hot right now. Channel a hippie-slash-rocker look with a maxi skirt, cropped shirt and bad- ass boots!

Floral Top & Gold Embroidered Vest


All of these pieces are dear to my heart. I actually want to keep all of them! But I don't want to selfish...I want to share these amazing finds with you!

More pieces will be released during the Official Launch of the first collection this Friday @ 10:30PM!

For updates, add us on on Facebook.

Pieces will be sold via the Mash Up shop in Multiply (

NOTE: Pricing and sizing will be released during the launch on Friday. Reservations will only be accepted during Friday as well. So keep a tab on the pieces that you like and get ready to shop on Friday!

Here are 5 simple shopping rules you should follow on Friday:

1. If you see an item that you like, just say "Mashed Up!" to reserve it. 
2. Joy reservers are not allowed in the shop and they will be banned. Only reply with "Mashed Up!" if you're already sure that you're getting the item. 
3. Submit an order form once you get a confirmation from the seller that the item is already yours.
4. Upon submission of order form, you are given three (3) days to settle your payment. (You will receive a confirmation via SMS or email regarding your total).
5. Have fun styling your Mash Up pieces once you get them!  

Shipping of items is scheduled on every Sunday of the week. If payment is received on a Sunday, your item/s will be shipped on the Sunday of the following week.

That's it folks! Hope you support Mash Up!

Much Love,
Kookie :)


  1. oh, im so excited for you kookie! please tell me you ship all the way to canada! LOL

  2. Wow congrats!! You've put in some amazing hard work, pieces look great!

  3. Oh my gosh, there's so much I like! Are those round-frame glasses also for sale?

  4. hello. i'm just wondering if the john lennon shades and red hat is for sale too?
    please let me know. i am so desperately wanting it. :)

  5. omg! i so want that polka dress! do you think that will fit me?? can I like order now? hahahaha

  6. i love the polka dot dress! can't wait for friday :)


  7. Super lovely items Kookie! :)
    Wishing you the best!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. OMG!!! girl! I am loving this. Totally strucken by the look with the red hat (again) and the look with the printed maxi skirt!

  9. Thank you guys for all the lovely words!!! I am extremely happy to get positive feedbacks about the shop. :)

  10. I AM Desperately wanting hihi!:) i really can't wait!! i'm definitely saving the date on my calendar so i dont miss out!

  11. That vintage vibe in the styling is envious!

  12. Guys, thank you for all of the wonderful comments! I'm ecstatic about the positive feedback on the shop. :)

  13. @ Sybil: Thank you dear!

    @ KD: Thank you, thank you! Naku, baka tiba-tiba ang shipping fee kapag all the way to Canada. haha!

    @ Marcella: Thanks, love! Mash Up is really precious to me. :)

    @ Reluctant Stylista: Sorry dear, the sunnies were used for styling purposes only. Not for sale. :( I'll be on the lookout though for similar pairs to sell on the shop. :)

    @ Ching: Sorry dear, the hat and sunnies are not for sale. :?

  14. Starting a new business myself, I wish you all the best. No to competition and yes to supporting each other! :)

    Your new header is so wonderfully you by the way, Kookie.

    Bea from A plus B

  15. oh my too bad. may i know where you bought the hat and sunnies? i've been looking around for the sunnies for too long now. can't seem to find one in Cebu. :(

  16. I am so in love with the polka dress. Agawan ito. D: Heee. :)

  17. I SO HOPE THE BLACK BOWLER HAT IS FOR SALE :)) Share the same sentiments as Gillian: coveting the polka-dotted dress! I'm not sure I agree with Bea when it comes to the buying. COMPETITION! I have to type and click faster than Gillian. HAHA!

    Good luck, Kookie! I'm super excited for youuuu! :D

    sPam of frou-frou

  18. Kookie!!! So great to finally meet you in person :) lovely shoot you got here. Let me know when the next one is, I'll put it out in my column k? I'm sure this one got sold out pretty fast ;) Congrats again!


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