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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

 (skirt: thrifted; leopard print dress (worn as a top): thrifted; shoes: Soule Phenomenon)

Last Sunday, I had a photo shoot for my newest online shop baby...MASH UP

I've been trying to brew up an online clothing shop ever since I got my hands on this beautiful, thrifted sheer polka dot dress (which looked like it came from the 50's) circa year 2006. I knew that I had to share these amazing vintage and thrifted treasures to other young-at-heart rebels who take pleasure in one-of-a kind articles of clothing which can be mashed up with any personal piece from their closet.

Four years ago, I never really had the time to plan out the details for an online shop because I was just plain busy with work...

But now, four years after, I'm so excited to be finally releasing the first collection for MASH UP!

I'm still currently working on the actual shop site but I'm already done with the editing of the photos from the shoot. I will be posting teaser photos very, very soon!!!

For now, here are some behind-the-scenes snaps from the shoot.

Chynna, my model, getting prepped for the shoot. Isn't she pretty?

Teaching Chynna some poses...

Yes, I wore fluffy and comfy ladybug slippers because shoes aren't allowed in the photo shoot area. :)

I actually prepared 20 different looks for the shoot but due to time constraints, I ended up reusing some pieces over and over again just to save up on "clothes-change" time.

Checking out the photos with my amazing photographer, Sarah...

Of course I had to have a shoot of my own! Here's a candid shot of me looking stupid. Haha!

Are you guys already excited for Mash Up? I am!

Teaser photos to be posted this week!

I'll keep you guys posted once the shop is up. Please support Mash Up. :)

P.S. Did you guys notice the new blog header? It was a surprise for me from the lovely Camille of Big Bangs Theory. Super thanks, Camille! I love it!


  1. Ooh I can't wait to see what you'll be putting up at your store! I'm half in love with that blazer in the last photo.

  2. Kookie! I'm so excited for you too :) Gosh welcome to the online selling world. But wait where did you shoot this? Wow, nice shooting area :) You obviously have nice stuff to sell as well! Naku, another gastos for me! Haha. Will support you Kookie! Pag may shoot ka sama naman kami ni Aisa! Hahah!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. i can't wait for your shop! love the outfit - you look so cute with those funny slippers. lol! :))

  4. everything looks so good! can't wait!

  5. omg!!! can't wait! love that leopard dress turned into a top! gorg! and cute slippers love! teeheee too cute !!! can't wait :)

  6. I can't wait I actually added your site already! hihi :) I'm soo excited for this shop kookie! I love your outfits and I can't wait to purchase!

    Cute lady bug slippers btw hihi :) I love your look too! The shoes are awesome!

  7. Wow so excited for you! :) Love the look! And cute ladybug slippers! ;)

    <3 Camille

  8. babes!

    of course, you're free to copy whatever you want. hehe. can't wait for the teasers to show up everywhere!


  9. Kookie! I absolutely love everything here :) Congratulatiooons! Amazing!!! Excited for your shop :P

  10. oh, and yes...your model is so pretty :))

  11. shempre i have na a list of items I want from this post alone. i hate youuuuu I'll go poorita na bcoz of your shop. wahehehe! excited for you kookie i know you've been planning for this for so long!:) yey:)

  12. the details on the shoes on the first pic is so cool.

  13. This is great, I'd love to style for a photoshoot one day :) The outfits really reflected your personal style (eg. bowler hat, killa' shoes, black pieces!) But of course my favorites have to be the ladybug slippers! Work it, girl ;)


  14. Hi Kook! Aww thanks for describing me as such :) appreciated!

    Not to be biased, but the trousers are my best AND most comfortable creation by far! I personally love it ;) I'll take note of your "wanting", lol. My lil sis personally chose that print, at SM Kids!

    Just by the BTS shots, the looks are so YOU and well..a good MASH-UP of uptown-downtown. Looking forward to "Mash Up"'s debut online! ;)


  15. amazing.. san mo nadiscover c model. ganda nya.parang KPOP!

    love the clothes... yey. now therell be a lil kookie for everyone na!

  16. Congrats on finally setting up a dream.We're all very excited to see what you have in store for us. :D I love how you wore your dress as a top,sometimes I do that if I cant seem to find the right top I want. hehehe. :)

    P.S. You were gorgeous in the Glitterati show! I just wasnt able to say hi. hehehe.

  17. Hi Kookie!

    I haven't dropped by your blog in so long! I love the black maxi skirt you are wearing and the silly house slippers are just perfect!

    Elora xoxo

  18. HAHA! I find the slippers so ADORABLE! And you changed from the lady bug to a green fuzzy pair! XD

    I'll be sure to anticipate the opening of your store. I wonder though why you didn't model for it? :(

    And ditto with Elora, love the sheer maxi. Reminds me of the Olsen twins. <3


  19. Ohhh that is sooo Awesome! These outfits are so you and they are ALL CHIC!

  20. congratulations kookie! the clothes are really edgy and fab. love every piece.

    and your sheer maxi skirt is just gorgeous. xx


  21. so excited Koookie!Hope there will be clothes my size!=)).Love!

  22. love your outfit and you styled the model very well! very true to your own style! :) congrats kookie! :)

  23. I'm kinda in love with your look here!


  24. girl! you did am amazing job with the styling!
    I am especially loving the red hat!
    oh yes and your slippers ;)

  25. I AM SUPER EXCITED KOOKIE (yeah needed to CAPS that!)
    from the looks of it, it´s gonna be legen...dary!


  26. excited about mashup!!! :)

    beauty and the budget

  27. haha, you looked far from stupid! I love your outfit and you made chynna look amazing!

  28. I am so excited for you! these shots look so stellar and they are just behind the scenes! good luck in your endvors kookie!

    also that skirt is sooooooo great!

    btw, for my most recent post, no i did not use a tripod for that one, my boyfriend actually took them!


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