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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When Kookie goes to work...

Top: Undo Clothing / Pants & Shoes: Zara / Bag: Givenchy / Eyewear: Sunnies Studios 'Jane'

Working for a media agency has its perks - one of which is the less stringent office attire policy. Thankfully, we're not bound to donning dowdy corporate pieces. We can even report to work in slightly casual clothes, such as flat shoes, semi-short skirts, sleeveless tops and the like. For the most part though, I still try to look polished and well-dressed when I'm at work, especially when I'm doing client calls. This culottes + neoprene top + pumps combo is a look that I would wear to the office (although I would definitely wear a tank top underneath).  Think tailored pieces beyond the basic black blazers and slacks combined with feminine or softer pieces (such as a chiffon blouse or a wrap skirt) - a 'modern workwear' wardrobe if you will. There are tons of modern and basic office-appropriate capsule pieces which are readily available in the market - just go ahead and mix and match and don't be afraid to experiment!

You can also re-create this look with the ff. pieces below from Zalora.
 If you're a first-time Zalora shopper, you can use the code ZBAPZDPU to get 15% off on your total purchase (*Valid for one-time use only).

Top: Zalora Basics / Culotte Pants: River Island / Eyewear: Sunnies Studios 'Jane' / Shoes: S&H 'Palma' 


  1. Love this look! You're still my style hero <3

    1. Naloka naman ako sa "style hero". Lakas maka-pressure! Hahaha! Love you, babe!

  2. Woe i love your shoes and nice color even i bought the almost same from nine west shoes


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