Dust It Off

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cold weather basics.

Duster Coat: Monki / Trousers: Pink Manila / Camisole: SM Ladies / Sneakers: Puma "Basket Classic"

Every year, I always look forward to the cold months of January and February as it's the perfect time to (finally) don layers and thicker, longer outerwear to achieve even a slight semblance to "fall/winter fashion", which I know most of us living in tropical countries covet to wear. I, for one, am taking great advantage of the cold weather and have been wrapping myself in leather jackets, knit jumpers and duster coats just to keep myself warm and toasty, especially at night. Once the temperature goes up come mid-Feb, these long coats will definitely be paired with shorter hems...and months after, it will be buried underneath piles of thicker clothes only to be resurrected once the rainy season hits.

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