Deceptively Sweet

Saturday, August 2, 2014

All clinical and cuffed.

Jeans & Top: Zara / Wedges: Celine / Eyewear: Sunnies Studios

Finally mustered up the courage to wear a torso-bearing 'barely there' top that pretentiously parades as sweet-looking in the front (with all of its ruffled glory) but is all risque business at the back. Mind you, I'm not yet ready to reveal my (non-existent) abs as they're still hiding somewhere underneath a blob of tummy fat (Guys, I am NOT fishing. There IS still some fat around that region. I swear). I wore this as a pre-photo shoot outfit for a feature in Status magazine, which should be out this August. Will keep you guys posted on this!

Enjoy the weekend, loves! Till the next post!

 photo by THE Anton Aguila


  1. Love the top and shoes! Great post


  2. i love everything in this look Ms Kookie! the wait for a new outfit post is absolutely worth it ;)

    --czarina :)

    1. Awww...iiyak na ako. I'm so touched naman with the thought that you guys are "nag-a-abang" for my outfit posts. Thanks, Cza! Mwah!

  3. Well, I still find you gorgeous, Ms. Kookie! :) Love how clean this look is :)

    Style Reader

  4. this white top, and those white heels!!! OMG!!!! I WANT!!! :D you look amazing in them!

    Animated Confessions


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