Slip Dress

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Playing with a slip dress for Day 1 of the 7107 International Music Festival.

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Dress: Luna B. / Boots: Zara / Bra: Fleur of England / Bag: Givenchy / Eye Necklace & Bracelet: Accessorize / Bar Necklace & Ring: Tiffany Kunz

For the 7107 IMF, I consciously veered away from the "typical" music festival attire (i.e. cut-off denims, crop tops, muscle tees, plaid shirts, floral wreaths, etc.). I wanted to stand out from the sea of energetic, high-on-music festival goers who were clad in similar outfits for logistics and visibility reasons -- I wanted my friends to be able to "spot" me with ease in case I went missing or they suddenly went looking for me. Haha!

The slip dress was a practical choice for a music event as it was easy to wear and style. The dress I had on had a low back (which I forgot to take a photo of...silly me) which allowed more than enough ventilation to keep me from suffocating from the heat emanating from thousands of bodies around me (thank God the weather wasn't stifling hot!). While the decision to go with a pair of heeled footwear for a whole-day outdoor event is a topic of contention, I really didn't mind walking on an uneven field in heeled boots (although it would have been way more comfortable if I went with a pair of sneakers or flats). Would you dare wear heeled shoes at a music festival? Or am the only one who's crazy enough to do so? Haha!

Day 2 outfit post and a full post on the 7107 IMF will be up soon so stay tuned for those! Laters, baby!


  1. Beautiful dress and I love accessories! Such a cute outfit dear xx

  2. those necklaces are so beautiful, you look like a girl photographed at coachella :))

  3. love the hemline detail of that dress!!! so delicate and pretty! :D

    Animated Confessions

    1. The primary reason why I purchased it! Haha!

  4. Cool outfit! :)

    Ericka of

  5. Great pics! You look great!

  6. love this outfit with the hat and those jewellery items are so beautiful and dainty

  7. Very lovely post :)

    Xxx Cécile


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