Hold Tight for Wanderland

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


As promised, here's a photo diary of the beautiful & sticky chaos that ensued during the Wanderland Music & Arts Festival last Saturday. 

Le Boy and I arrived at the venue just in time to hear Colour Coding perform their hit single, "Hold Tight". As soon as I heard the almost CSI opening credits intro of "Hold Tight", I began jumping around for hell joy and squealing like a little girl. Haha! I spent most of my time lounging on the ground on top of my sarong "blanket" and only stood up a few times to burn my lungs with nicotine, get some spiked refreshments from the Havaianas booth (the green drink I'm holding in photo #3) and pee, of course (okay, TMI) in-between performances. After CC, other great acts followed suit, such as Avalanche City, Tully on Tully, homegrown Up Dharma Down, Neon Trees and Temper Trap (the final act). Among all of the international acts, Neon Trees' performance blew me away. Tyler was such a damn amazing performer -- he got everyone to throw their fists up in the air and relish the catchy melody and beats of NT's songs (which is always a good sign of a great performance). 

Wanderland 2013 was definitely one for the books (I hope we get to have more of these kinds of music events here in the Philippines). I'm definitely looking forward to Wanderland 2014 and I'm crossing my fingers that I get to see "The XX" perform live here. Ahem, ahem.

*all photos taken with an iPhone5


  1. I will keep my fingers crossed too for The XX on 2014. I missed a lot, FML. I really do suck because I didn't see on their ad that Avalanche City will be also performing. Truly sucks for me. </3 On the other hand, I will definitely go to the next Wanderland event! Lovely photos! Amazing! ♥


  2. I've missed the event but the all your photos says it was really fun. But if The XX will be there next year, I will surely come. I swear! Grrr

    xx Diana

  3. Cool Wanderland photodiary and of course, LOVE the outfit Ms.Kookie :)

    czarina :)


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