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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Shirt: Illest (via Trilogy) / Leather Bralette: similar HERE / Pants: Zara / Bag: Balenciaga / Denim Shirt: Folded & Hung / Pumps: Aldo

For those of us who can't fully commit to baring our upper (untoned) torsos with just a cropped top on, a bralette over t-shirt is an acceptable compromise. It's a novel look that not many would appreciate (I actually got a few menacing stares from people for wearing this) but I'd rather parade around in this combo than show my belly button to the world (save for when I'm on the beach, of course).

Happy Monday, everyone!

P.S. Pardon me for the awkward faces in these photos. We all know I'm no model. :P
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Cop my look with these affordable pieces:


  1. Very cool look ..

    Melissa of Faith Family Fashion

  2. You pull off these kinds of looks so well!! I admire you so much. x


    1. Hehe! Thank you, Jeline! Glad you appreciate the look!

  3. I love your dress! Everything fits together! I really love your shoes as well as your tattoos! I've got one too! Your hair will go very well, I'm a fan of short hair!

  4. Loving the bralette over the tee! The whole outfit is hott!


    The Kris Bliss

  5. Why are you sooo cool?? LOL. I just want to steal all of your clothes, even though I wouldn't look half as good in them as you! :P I love that you wore the bra top over a shirt. I've been wanting to try that out, since ab exercises aren't on my priority list right now. Haha! Love the camo jeans too. I need another pair of those stat! <3


  6. You look really cool! I can't understand why anyone would stare at you.
    And this leather bralette is awesome!

    Many kisses!
    Angelina - http://www.just-angelina.com/

  7. this is so chic!!! i LOVE the bralette-over-a-white-tee choice!! such a good option to sport a crop top :)

    czarina :)


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