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Monday, August 26, 2013

Gray Button Down & Plaid Button Down: Lee Jeans / Shoes: Romwe / Bag: Alexander Wang

My Bazooka Rocks OOTD.

I'm quite the sucker for plaid button downs. It has a nostalgic grunge appeal that I always associate with rock bands and music festivals. Since I was attending a rock fest, my fashion weapon of choice had to be a plaid button down...but worn differently. Instead of having it envelope my hips (yet again), I toyed with the idea of converting my Lee plaid button down shirt into a skirt (ever the experimental fashionista that I am). And to shake things up further, I went with a BDOBD (button-down-on-button-down) configuration (both from Lee, by the way), paired with mesh boots ala Margiela. If you knew me well, you should've been able to deduce that I handpicked these two button downs from the men's section, just because I like my shirts big and loose. I am actually quite in love with the grey button down -- it makes me feel masculine and sexy at the same time.

Oh, and just a tip: the green plaid shirt I'm wearing is reversible. Yes. You get two shirts for the price of one, baby!

P.S. I will be sharing event photos from Bazooka Rocks 2013 soon! Watch out for it!


  1. Shet nice reco sa reversible polo! :D ill check this out mamaya! :)
    Love the way you wore the polo as skirt galing! :)

  2. You look awesome! Love the shirt as skirt!

  3. Love the whole look and the last pic is beautiful, love it. I feel the same about baggy shirts and I'm finding myself turning into the men's section more and more often :))
    Aaargh gotta get myself a perfect baggy plaid shirt ASAP!

  4. Love how you turned that shirt into a skirt, very cool! And those shoes are awesome :)

    xoxo Iris

  5. This is fantastic! Love how you turned that shirt into a skirt! Genius!!


  6. Amazing blog, very inspired.

  7. Wow, I think the shirt looks so cool as a skirt! I didn't even realize that's all it was until I took a closer look. You are so adventurous! :) <3


  8. kabog!!! you're rocking this rugged tomboy look cookie! :D

    Animated Confessions

  9. So good. Killer shoes.

  10. very chic and interesting BDOBD look Ms.Kookie!!! LOVE the oversized plaid shirt creatively turned into a skirt!!!

    czarina :)

  11. Loving the whole look. Inspired by the way you wrapped your shirt..chic!

  12. wonderfull place, great photos !



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