NEW IN: Freja

Monday, June 24, 2013

Meet Freja, one of my new A. Wang shoe acquisitions. 

Freja was my favorite shoe design from the Resort 2011 collection and when I found out at that time that the shoes were already completely sold out, my heart sank and dropped with a heavy thud. But lo and behold! The shoe angels must have pitied me because just a few months ago, Freja magically popped out of nowhere in the wide world of the world wide web (see what I did there?)...and you all know what happened next after I saw these shoes. I'm so so so elated that I finally have Freja with me, happily mingling with her other Wang shoe cousins ( see here and here).

Happy Monday, everyone!



  1. Stunning! Love the color and style! :)

    Airish ♥

  2. Very sexy! Really suits your style! Can't wait to see you rockin' these! ♥


  3. Wow, another WANG shoes. The details are beautiful, but what I love the most is, it's RED. <3

    xx Diana

  4. wow! the color and the details are superb :)

    czarina :)

  5. love!!


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