Barely There

Friday, May 10, 2013

Top: Sabrina / Shorts: Street Beat Boutique / Boots & Hat: Zara / Bag: Alexander Wang

"Less is more"...

...more skin that is. The ill-tempered heat has forced me to deal with clothing as if it were a kryptonite I'd rather get rid of. What a shame. Since I can't stomach the idea of parading on the streets naked, I've resorted to covering myself with as less cloth as possible (for the meantime that is), hence the barely-there but pretty Sabrina top and short short short denim shorts getup. Oh man, I used to look forward to the arrival of Summer while playing images of beaches and waves inside my head. Now, I'd rather get myself cooped up in the comfort of an airconditioned room and bore myself to death with channel surfing the whole day. That's how hot it is. It's cruel to be kind, Mother Nature.


  1. I agree! Less is more. That's why I don't invest much on accessories. haha! Love the whole look Miss Kookie <3

    I love your hair so much that I'm going to have my hair styled like that by the last week of May! Gosh! I'm so excited.

    Ericka of

    1. Go! I'd love to see the outcome. Post a photo of your hair and tag me. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Haha! It's literally hot in the Philippines.

  3. Pleasing to the eyes, simple yet very laid back!! Love it.


  4. Wow you look so hot and makinis Miss Kookie :D

  5. spell comfort! this summer heat is def calling for some easy dressing! love your top, kookie! :)

    toni perfumed red shoes

  6. i LOVE this look!!!! "less" yet so Chic!!!

    czarina :)

  7. Simple and f***ing amazing.

  8. super sexy and gwapa!!!!!! :)



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