Bershka Manila Grand Opening Party

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Here are some of the photos I managed to snap with my iPhone (forgot to bring my DSLR) during the grand opening party of Bershka Manila. The brand team especially flew in DJs Eve Speciall and Pelayo Diaz for that night to entertain the guests with their sick beats. This party was definitely one of the best events I've ever been to. You can't go wrong with good music, dancing and a couple of good friends. I got to hang out with my buddies (Paul, Karl, JP and others) and I met a couple of cool kids too. I wasn't able to take photos of Bershka's current collection (as I was too busy reveling in the happy music provided by Eve and Pelayo) but I was able to spot a lot of great pieces (including Eve's coooool leather jacket!) which I plan to waste my money on soon. Haha! I'm soooooo thrilled that Bershka has finally hit our shores. I'm definitely heading back there to shop!


  1. fuck ang power ng editing skills mo ah kala ko slr hahaha galing

  2. awesome pictures Ms. Kookie!


  3. Cute mo! Love the skirt Ms. Kookie! :)

  4. Hehe, love all the funny pics of you and your (incredibly stylish) friends :) Btw which editing program do you use? Just love the look of these shots!

  5. Looks fun! I love your photos :)

    Airish ♥


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