Denim On Denim

Friday, January 11, 2013

Top: Wrangler / Jeans: The Landmark / Shoes: Zara / Clutch: Tonic / Bangles: Mauve / Lips: Laura Mercier "Lacquer Rouge"

For me, a denim on denim look never grows old. It looks so fresh and chic when styled properly. There are so many ways to go about a double denim outfit but my favorite combination would always be jeans + a plain denim polo. I absolutely love the wash of this button down polo from Wrangler. It's made of lightweight denim and can easily be worn during the summer months. If I were to make a list of staple items that should be present in every woman's closet, a denim polo would definitely go into that list. Just like the ubiquitous and indispensable white tee, a denim polo goes well with everything. If you don't have any denim polo yet in your clothes stash, I highly recommend getting one. You can check out Wrangler for other denim polo styles (they have a newly opened branch in Glorietta 2!).

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  1. Kookie! Would you know how much this denim polo costs at Wrangler? I've been looking for one that fits and suits me well eh.

    xx Megann of Style Surgery

    1. It's around Php1,200. I got the Large one. :)

  2. LOVE this denim-on-denim outfit Ms.Kookie! Always chic!


  3. omgg omg my fave... love the landmark pants such a steal

  4. you look so fresh Kooks. I love this.:)

  5. Denim on denim is one look I've never tried. It looks so great on others though! I love your heels and your bag totally completes the look! <3


  6. Love this denim on denim look, Kookie!

  7. Hi Kookie! May I know what lens you used to shoot your photos? This look is so unique! :)

  8. You rock the denim on denim look Ms. Kookie! The best! Ever! :)

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  9. Haven't been in your blog in a while and was browsing through your recent archives. Love how you've toned down your look (still and always will have THE Kookie edge, I believe) when everyone else in the PI is starting to complicate and over think their outfits. Keep it up, missy!

    xx KD


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