Friday, December 7, 2012

Jeans: Folded & Hung / Top: Daley Tees / Jacket: Zara / Heels: Mango / Clutch: Made U Look / Bracelets: Mauve

If you haven't noticed, I've been sporting a lot of clothes from Folded & Hung in recent posts (such as HERE and HERE). I can't help it. Folded & Hung has been consistently churning out great trendy pieces, such as this pair of tie-dyed jeans (they remind me so much of last year's great jean hit from Isabel Marant). I think most of you already know by now that I have a fetish for printed jeans. I've already worn a similar pair of tie-dyed jeans in a few posts though but I must say, the pop of red in these F&H jeans is such a refreshing change from the sea of blue pants inside my closet.

It's a Friday, my dear lovelies! Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Love those jeans! The color is perfect and it's even more perfect combined to this blue clutch! Kind of a pop Isabel Marant look!


    Julia from

  2. love the look! esp those bottoms!


  3. I really love your camera. The colors just pop out and the images are so crisp. ANYWAY! The pants are fab--it's a little tricky to pull off but anyone with panache should be able to handle it like you do. It looks great with the blue of the envelope! I'm loving printed jeans, now, too, since Bauhaus/Cheap Monday introduced me to them. I'm tired of regular blue jeans haha.


  4. I love F&H, too! They were on sale in my area so I went crazy and bought a lot of stuff. I love your pants! I like printed pants but I have such huge thighs so I can't rock them, I'm so jealous :(

  5. totally love the blue and red!!!! hurray for philippine flag colours! :D

  6. I love your edgy look as always Ms. Kookie! :)

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  7. Love everything! You're rocking it yet again Kookie! I am so excited to see you again on BU4!


  8. The pants are so cool, I'm crazy about printed jeans and trousers too!
    Love the electric blue clutch as well :)

  9. You make F&H not F&H! From RTW to a high street brand. Iba talaga pag ikaw sumusuot, Kookie! <3

  10. I must have your jacket! :)

    I really love your sense of fashion. You've always been so chic (even back in college).


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