Bazaar For All Season: Get In For Free!

Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm pretty sure most of you, if not all, love shopping in bazaars to get one-of-a-kind pieces or haggle for finds at affordable prices. This November, you're invited to attend the "Bazaar For All Season" at Elements Tent at Centris on November  3 to 4, 2012 (Saturday to Sunday). Shop 'til you drop, mingle with your friends, and meet some of your favorite fashion bloggers (such as Laureen Uy and Camille Co!). 

I also have some good news! You and a friend can get in the bazaar for free! Just follow these steps:  

1. Like Bazaar For All Season on Facebook and on Twitter
2. Follow me (@kookiebuhain) on Twitter
3. Leave the following in the Comments Box:

twitter account name
email address
name of your +1

The first 5 readers to do so will get 2 tickets each! Hurry! This giveaway ends until tomorrow only (November 1). See sample entry below.

*This event is sponsored by Resorts World Manila, Pink Pink Parlour and a lot more!


  1. Sample Entry:

    Name: Kookie Buhain
    Twitter Acct: @kookiebuhain
    Email address:
    Name of 1+: Karen Pascual

  2. Name: Carin Leonardo
    Twitter Acct: @carinleonardo
    Email address:
    Name of +1: Tim Arafiles

  3. Name: Jo Dio
    Twitter Acct: @juliendio
    Email address:
    Name of 1+: Amy Dio

  4. name: Mish Rendon
    twitter account name: superstarmishie
    email address:
    name of your +1: Marion Rendon

  5. Patricia Pedro
    Patricia Pedro

  6. Aerielle M. Nuestro
    Maricor Nuestro


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