Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alexander Wang 'Marion'

I've been obsessing over this bag and the white Joan pumps (from Alexander Wang's S/S '12 collection) for months! I initially wanted to get the black with rose gold hardware version but I was afraid that the glossy hardware might tarnish or get scratched easily (I'm anal like that). In hindsight though, a white handbag is a bit more unforgiving versus dealing with glossy hardware as the previous is more prone to a whole lot of mess (such as getting stained) but I took the brave plunge anyway. In my defense, I don't own any white handbag and white is quite hot this season. Haha. I want to thank my lovely folks for this early birthday gift. Yes, they grudgingly succumbed to this after being bugged and coerced for days. Double haha.


  1. HOOORAAAAYYYY!!!! Akala ko iba na yung kukunin mo eh. Hahahaha! Ang gandaaaaa!!!!!!! Cant wait to see photos of you "wearing" it already. Hehe! Shucks kakainggit!!

  2. That bag is gorgeous! x


  3. Congrats on the new bag babe! They're super chic and definitely worth it! Lucky you :)

  4. Seriuosly? WoW!! what an outrageous piece! love that clean look of it x

  5. such an amazing Alexander Wang bag!! i agree, white is very in this season! i would really love to see you sporting a pair of Joan pumps Ms.Kookie! i think it suits your style and i'm curious how would you style it :)

    paint it stripes


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