Cosmo's 15th

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Got invited to Cosmopolitan magazine's 15th anniversary bash about a month ago. I mentioned in my post HERE that dress code was 'sexy formal' and most of the personalities I spotted on the red carpet were wearing long dresses/gowns. Even my blogger friend, Trace, was wearing one! I didn't feel left out with my midi dress though as almost all of the female fashion bloggers in attendance were in short dresses as well. Whew! Above are the photos I took from the event. They're pretty few, I know. I only stayed at the party for less than an hour (as you all know, work duties come first!). While I didn't stay too long, I made sure I maximized my time at the party (such as catching up with my fellow bloggers and trying out this fun Midori drink placed in a shaker glass which lights up!). 

Now, allow me to digress and move on to a different! Notice how I look dolled up in the photos? I really made an effort to get a bit glammed up for the event. I want to thank my friend, Lei Carballo, for doing a fantastic job with my makeup! I got a lot of compliments that night, what with my smoldering smokey eyes and all (I'm kidding on the "smoldering", okay? Haha!). Whenever I have special events to go to, I always run to Lei for my makeup...and she never disappoints. God knows how much of a dummy I am when it comes to putting on a decent makeup. I don't even know how to put on a simple smokey eye even if my life depended on it! So yes, thank you a bunch always, Lei!

P.S. By the way, Lei is a certified freelance makeup artist. You can actually book her for special events. You may reach Lei via


  1. Kahit ano naman dress mo Ms. Kookie, papasa sa sexy formal. :) Sexy as always ang peg! :) PAK!

  2. Classy and sexy, Ms. Kookie! Love the make-up as well!


  3. You look lovely!!


  4. Why are there no topless men in these photos??? :p

  5. What an amazing party! Love all the glamorous dresses and sleek makeup!

  6. Amazing blog!!!! so many stylish pics here =)
    I'm a new follower now, hope you will visit my blog too and follow me back if you like it!

  7. Looking lovely, Kookie! LOVE your hair :)


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