Pajama Time

Sunday, March 25, 2012

(Top & Pants: Zara// Eyewear: Karen Walker// Pumps: Sugarfree// Purse: F21// Necklace: H&M// Friendship Bracelet: Extremefinds// Jade Bracelet: Love Diva// Watch: Casio)

In the spirit of summer, I'm going full out on color. This is probably the most colorful ensemble I've ever concocted in my life! Haha! Wore this to a Blogger's Style Makeover Party by Funky Plum Vintage and to my godson's birthday party. Pajamas are a hot, hot, hot fashion trend this season and I'm wearing one of Zara's version of the "pajama pants". This pair is really comfy (and silky smooth to the touch, I must add! haha!) and while they are extra long and wide, it's easy to wear during hot days because of its lightweight and breezy fabric. If given the resources, I would love to have my hands on a lovely  pajama set from Celine. Well, a girl can dream.

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photos by Camille Cuna


  1. I love this! So well put together :)

  2. Waaawww!!!Great Outfit!!!!!!!!!Love Love Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. nice pants and purse

    xx thechicswag

  4. @ Julia: Ooh wee! Thanks, love!

    @ Les Folies de Magalie: Haha! Thank you dear!

    @ I Otivar: Thank you!

    @ Denise: Super bright and sunshiny di ba? :)

  5. i agree w/ Denise! such a happy outfit! you pull off pretty much anything, Kookie. :D

    boat ride through the sky

  6. @ Gela: Oh wow. Salamat sa compliment, girl crush!!

  7. Yee I've been eyeing on that pants but haven't bought yet! Looks great on you :)

    Kaye Awatin

  8. when i seen this outfit
    i fell in love its amazing ♥

  9. Absolutely love your pants and bag!

    xo Jony
    SHOUT-OUT to you

  10. You look amazing! You hair looks good like that and I love the play of colors and print. Saw those pajama pants at Zara but didn't think I'd be able to pull them off.

  11. you really understand what colors are... bravo kooks

  12. I love everything!! xx

    Youre such an inspiration!

  13. I think you are the Queen of Colors! :) You can pull off color combinations really well, and I look to you for inspiration of colorful outfits that work.

  14. love the pattern! :)


  15. those pants looks so gorgeous on you, i love pajamas because it's so comfy ;)

  16. Green and yellow are my favorite colors this season! Parang mangoes lang. Na favorite ko rin pag summer, haha! Love this look, Kookie!


  17. Those pants are simply gorgeous!! I adore the wide cut and the print :D Brilliant outfit:D

  18. @ Hershey Neri: I'm glad I get to inspire you guys. :)

    @ Thriftingadventures: It's only recently that I've come to embrace color. I'm still partial to dark tones though. :)

    @ Roxanne: Haha!

    @ Etaduran: Thank you, dear!

    @ Alex: Hahahahahaha! Ako din, I love mangoes...especially Indian mangoes!

    @ Anaivilo: Thanks, love!

    @ Hautepot: Lana! I'm so sure you can pull off a pair of quirky pants like these Zaras! Ano bei! Haha!

    @ Karl: Naks naman! Love you!

  19. OMG, I adore your pants...I mean, the entire outfit!
    Gorgeous style cuttie!

  20. love how you styled this, it practically screams summer! and those Karen Walker sunglasses, I seriously covet... :)

  21. wow!! Ms. Kookie!! you're just keep getting better and 'chic-er' (if there's such a term :p )! i LOOOVVE the outfit!! happy colors, very summer-ish which i really like! like it on bloglovin!


  22. I really really love the pants! :) It was nice meeting you last Saturday! :)

    Jacky :)

  23. This look is so refreshing Kookie! I love the colors! :D

  24. Hello, a little bit late to the party but I love your sunglasses. Is Karen walker available in manila? Thanks!!! - Ria

    1. Hi Ria, I don't think we have Karen Walker in the Philippines. I ordered mine from the States.


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