Grunge Ain't Dead

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

(Jacket: Zara// Cropped Top & Joggers: Topshop// Boots: Jeffrey Campbell// Eagle Necklace: F21// Bird Skull Necklace: Gold Dot// Eyewear: H&M// Snake Adderbite Ring: Bring)

I was an 80's baby but I was a 90's kid. Most of my formative and memorable years were spent in the decade of excess, of side high ponytails, of family computers, Bazooka Joe's and rock n' rollin' grunge. Though I never dressed up in grunge looks when I was growing up (I was more into baggy tops and hip hop shorts. *Cringes*), it's one of the styles that I fully embrace today. For my shoot with Edric, we went for a grunge theme, as evidenced in the photos above. Love how Edric was able to capture my crazy side and my awkward 'show-your-big-gums' smile. And the highlight of the photo shoot? Running away and hiding from nosy guards and riding a shopping cart (with some people ogling) to capture the 'money shot'.

It's always a fun and pleasurable experience hanging out with you, Edric. We definitely have to have that food trip. :)


  1. this post and photos are so awesome! love the grungey/retro feel of the outfit, i was totally a 90's kid as well! so glad the 90's look is coming back :)


  2. FUN! Ang cute mo kookie!! Love the pics!

  3. You are the queen!


  4. I love it! The last photo <3


  5. wow!! i like all the photos specially the last one!!!

    paint it stripes

  6. Astig! I miss riding in/on a shopping cart and drowning myself in groceries haha!

    Almira :)

  7. looks like you had a lot of fun shooting these. :) love the accessories, kookie.

    btw, the last photo is my fave. :)

  8. Gorgeous outfit and photos! Your jacket, your shirt, your shoes and your pants are amazing! xxx

  9. Love the outfit, and those glasses, but what I'm really lusting after is that eagle necklace!! x

  10. I am so jealous of your photos! They're all so wonderful, especially the one with the cart. I could only imagine how fun the day was when I was reading your post :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery
    Giveaway: Style Surgery x Soul Sister Clothing

  11. @ Liana: Thanks, doll! Love live grunge!

    @ Ana: Hehehe! Parang bata lang!

    @ Stleflux: Queen talaga??? Hahahaha!

    @ Number Two Lover: Sarap nga mag-grocery shopping!

    @ Dred: Thanks, love! My fave photo too!

    @ Megan: Thanks, dear!

  12. Grunge is def not dead! I love this post, Kookie! I dont get to read much blogs nowadays, even local ones. But I still think you're definitely one of the best local fashion bloggers around. You look different compared to most of them anyway, haha!

    The Reluctant Stylista

  13. @ Alex: Oh man. Thank you so much! Coming from you, this means a lot. :)

  14. The shopping cart shot and the 90s grunge look reminds me of We found love music video by rihanna. 90s is really the best!!!

  15. I'm not much of a grunge looks fan (though I used to be a lil' grunge girl in my early teens :D), but I really like your use of sweatpants here!


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