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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

 3.1 Phillip Lim 'Pashli Tote'

Okay. So initially, I wanted to get the Alexander Wang 'Rocco' bag but I ended up going with Phillip Lim's Pashli tote instead. What I love about this bag is its gorgeous ink color, grooved leather, roomy interior, structured shape, and zipper design. Pashli may not be as rugged-looking as the rocco, but it is actually quite versatile as it can go well with a polished look and with a casual and grungy ensemble as well. This bag would've been perfect if only the handles were longer (for easy shoulder toting). But that's alright. I'm quite used to lugging around short-handled bags that weigh a ton. I don't usually splurge on high-end designer pieces but I think I owe it to myself to get some reward for all of the hard work I've put in (in work and in every aspect of my life) these past couple of years. Expect to see this bag in action in upcoming posts! :)


  1. Yes, wishing for a longer handle isn't a bad thing. can't wait to check out how you style this with polish looks and edgier ones :) gohow, kwookie!

  2. @ Julia & April: Thanks, ladies! :)

    @ Herroyalbleakness: Haha! Will try to post soon!

  3. quick question, where did you buy it? did you have a buyer or you ordered online?

    Thanks! and the bag looks fab!! :)

  4. @ Mia: I got it online from Saks Fifth Avenue. I coursed it through my boss's cousin who's based in Cali and is now here in Manila for a vacation.

  5. niceeeeeeee! im partial to everything alexander wang but this a beaut, guapa. ^^

  6. lovee the bag amazing!

  7. Love this! Really beautiful!


  8. LOVE this bag! xxx

  9. i Looovveee it Ms.Kookie!! it looks perfect!!

    paint it stripes

  10. Dear Kookie,

    I'm agreeing with you on the ink blue it does looks good but not sure that in the long run it would be versatile for any outfits.. as much as i love colors, i still feel that a decent bag like this should just be classic bag. Anyway, don't bother me as i might speaking out of jaelousy haaha! kidding. And as for the handle, it would be easier if its long but aesthetic wise it will not look good as a whole. The bag looks just nice as it is, you've owned a good keep there, cherish it!

    Rebecca @

  11. @ Rebecca: I agree that this bag won't go well with every outfit but I think prefer this over classic ones. I'm not so much into classics anyway. I'll try my best make the most out of this bag. :)


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