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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aldo 'Ugland' Wedges & Zara Ankle Boots

Thank goodness for SALES! I've had my eye on these Zara ankle boots for a while now and I'm glad that I was finally able to purchase it at a discounted price. I'm not really a fan of stiletto heels, but what got me attracted to these boots is the playful mix of hues and different types of leather. It was a different story for the Aldo wedges though. I was actually browsing through the sale items inside the store when I saw these Uglands. They look so much like the Theory Theysken's wedges that I've been secretly obsessing about. I also love the mix of suede and patent leather. I think it gives the shoes some character. Now both of these lovelies are definitely not my typical "rugged & grungy" pair of shoes. But I realized that it's high time that I invest on "dressier" types of shoes that I could wear for events. I think wearing platform boots all of the time just won't cut it.

It's sale season once again, ladies! And I heard that the Topshop sale starts tomorrow! Have you gone sale-shopping yet? Let me know what your recent purchases are! :)


  1. that's exactly what i was thinking when i bought ally's shoes, babe! i run out of shoe options talaga for special/dressier events and therefore i needed prettier ones. good call on these shoes!


  2. Nice pick, Kookie! Yehey for girlier clothes. I know you can also carry it well. :)

  3. Ah I love those wedges! They really do look like the Theysken's Theory wedges, and I'm lusting after them as well. Lucky girl! Can't wait to see you in them, and those Zara heels are too cool :)


  4. Really amazing shoes, I like them! Great post!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  5. You always amaze me with yours shoes.. love them ♥

  6. Wow those wedges are absolutely amazing! xxx

  7. Loving small details such as different textures together in a piece; I especially like it in the black wedges because it's black on black– I'd imagine it'd photograph in an outfit photo quite well. I haven't gotten any shoes on sale yet this month, but I managed to pick up a playsuit earlier in the week (: Have a lovely day!

  8. Great picks, Kookie!! Happy New Year to you!!! Mwaaahhh!!! :)

  9. I saw those Aldo wedges too. They're divine. Nice picks!

  10. Ah..another shoes to drooool and to make me starve! LOL


    Momma Y

  11. Ang dadanda naman nyaaaan Kooks!!! Naku naku, the urge...must.stop.liking...haha! Lagot ako kay Jeff.:D But seriously, beautiful buys!

  12. shoe shopping during the sale season is chaotic! this weekend will be a blur, im sure! ;)

    i see you got yourself a fringe too...looks lovely on you! ;)

  13. you have one of the most enviable shoe collection around, kookie! love, love those wedges!

    toni perfumed red shoes

  14. love the new kicks! makes me want to ask you to update your shop and sell some shoes you no longer wanna use? haha!

    envy your shoe collection!

    happy new year, kookie! :)

  15. Another wonderful pair of shoes!
    Happy New Year Ms. Kookie!

    Jamie Kate
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  16. pretty pairs!

    just added you in my blogroll
    more power!

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  17. Saw those Aldo pairs & got amazed of the mix of 2 materials. Though i haven't bought it coz I'm quite afraid of its heels.
    Indeed, so many shops are having an end-of-season sale now. need to take advantage of those.
    Great pairs, btw!


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