Lazy Sunday

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

(Top & Shorts: F21 // Boots: Topshop // Bag: SM Accessories // Bone Necklace: OS)

A lazy outfit worn on a lazy Sunday. Knit jumpers are now a staple in my closet. I have them in an array of shades and lengths and different levels of fuzziness (haha!). I'm just taking advantage of the sweater weather and I really couldn't keep myself from wearing these comfy, love-to-snug pieces. Sweaters would be the perfect comfy pieces to wear while studying for online classes.

Expect another round of these sweater outfit posts. And if ever y'all are getting tired of these mundane sweater looks...remember, you have been forewarned. Haha. 

P.S. Check out the collarbone necklace adorning my neck. Ain't it rad? Just the perfect accessory to add a bit of zing to a ho-hum look.


  1. love your gypsy bag!! :)

  2. Love the shorts, boots, and dang that necklace!!! You always have the perfect piece to bring your outfits to the next level.

  3. I really love all of your jumpers! :) I love wearing those when I'm feeling lazy to dress up too!


  4. Oh I love sweaters! This season, sweaters n knits was the only thing I was wearing n I still m hehe! Love the collar necklace

  5. absolutely gorgeous outfit!! love everything as always!!

  6. Kookie you look amaaazing. Walang kupas I swear. Lagi nalang. Kainis! Haha joke! Love youuu! Fangirl forever! Can't wait to see you on sat!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  7. bakit ang fierce parin kahit laidback outfit? :) youre my inspiration talaga when it comes to edgy fashion!! <3
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  8. love the outfit!! :)

  9. cute shorts! you're lucky to get that at F21. and the OS accessory looks great on you, fierce!

  10. Stunning still, and I can't believe this is lazy for you! Hahaha you're forever gorgeous and fierce, Kookie!


  11. Knit sweaters are definitely my favourite part about winter (and even summer sometimes, if it's not too humid...) I look forward to seeing more sweater looks from you actually, haha. Great statement necklace! xx

  12. I love your fringe bag. SM pala ang brand, pwes! Haha!

  13. Hi Kookie,

    Love the outfit, you look great in these ensemble.

    Rebecca @

  14. everything you wear is just so fasyon, as in everything! you look great as always :)

  15. Hi Kookie.. Love this laid-back yet very edgy outfit of yours! You really such an inspiration.


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