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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sharing with you some of the photos I took (out of a gazillion) during the Blogger's United Bazaar 2 last December 3. My BUB2 experience is definitely one for the books. I shared a booth with two of my favorite people, Cole & Paul. We never ran out of "customers" and visitors and we were up and running from morning till evening (had to change into flats in the late afternoon!). Never knew it was possible to feel tired and elated at the same time. All of the people who flocked to the bazaar made the experience really special. Once again, thank you to all of the readers, shoppers and friends who dropped by our booth! Thank you so much as well to the generous sponsors who made the BUB2 event possible (special shout-outs to Multiply Philippines, Accessorize, Nail It and Treston International College). Lastly, thank you the amazing trio of Pax, Melai and Ana for organizing the whole event. You guys are amazing! Hats off to you!

P.S. It seems so hard to be jovial about the upcoming Christmas celebrations when you know that a lot of our Filipino brothers and sisters in the South are currently suffering from the Typhoon Sendong aftermath. A heartbreaking situation such as this makes you want to recalculate your priorities and makes everything else less important and fleeting. I pray for strength for the CDO and Iligan typhoon victims. This too shall pass.


  1. hey there gorgeous! i just wanna say that you are even more beautiful in person both inside and out. i love you to bits. :)

    merry christmas! :)


  2. Man! Wish bloggers in Seattle united too. Looks like a fabulous event.


  3. So happy to finally meet you there, Kookie! You look so gorgeous! ♥♥ And I have to agree with the heartbreaking aftermath of Sendong. I'm praying for them, too.


  4. @ Dred: Love you guys too! Hope to see you again super soon!

    @ Girlie: You should have one! It's an amazing experience!

    @ Arnie: Merry Christmas, love!

  5. Thank you thank you for reserving the mullet skirt for me! :)


  6. Wow I wish I could be there!!! Looks so special and warm. I love your style and the way you carry that. Lots of hearts

  7. Such a fab group.

  8. woow que colores tan mas bonitos, me encanta todo lo que publicas.



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